New York's symbolic event holiday train (Photo Gallery)

New York's symbolic event holiday train: Around a thousand people visit the traditional holiday train exhibition, which opens at the famous Grand Central train station in New York, USA.
This year, 12 is the famous model of the famous train model, which was built on Manhattan miniature. times meet with enthusiasts. Full-function miniature trains in the exhibition attracting the attention of adults as well as children are moving on the 8 rail route on two different levels.
Metro North and Long Island train businesses serving in New York and other parts of the miniature, as well as trains representing the metro, draw attention with their details. Moving train model, barber shop, train waiting passengers and railway workers in the showcase of the hobby shop in the model are the most special parts of the exhibition. In the exhibition, the climbing scene of the famous movie character King Kong's Empire State building is also played.
The miniature, which features the symbolic buildings of Manhattan, attracts great attention from tourists as well as Americans.
Accepted from the symbolic events of New York, the free exhibition will remain open until February 23.




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