Nautilus goes up the hill with Marmaray

Nautilus climbed up the hill with Marmaray: In 2002 KadıköyTepe Nautilus Shopping Center, opened in Istanbul, has been renewed with an investment of over $ 10 million.
The AVM, located on the Ayrılık Çeşmesi stop on the Marmaray line, increased the number of visitors by 29 by opening the Marmaray line in October. 30'da 2012 million visitors to the monthly figures that capture the Nexus Shopping Center Director Mahmut Metin Gültekin, Marmaray work due to the work of a door closed around 1 year and said that they were affected by this situation.
Gültekin said that even the visitors from Zeytinburnu came to the shopping center with the opening of the closed door. Mas We made agreements with the new stores and eating places in order to provide more alternatives for the visitors during the renewal process. After the renovation works, 29 With the effect of Marmaray opened in October, the number of our visitors increased by approximately 30. We have already been regionalist, but now we have started to receive serious customers from the European side. Daha Gultekin, Marmaray with an increase in the number of visitors expect, but the surprise is so quick that even the surprise, he said.
Expressing that the number of shopping centers in the region affected themselves, Gültekin said, getiren Some experts still claim that the number of shopping centers is small. However, I disagree with this situation. In order not to be affected by the situation, we offer our customers constant differences. We are not a shopping center to be abandoned as soon as our location. Apart from our bony customers, our number of visitors is constantly increasing with new customers. Kem Gültekin said that in the past passages were opened under every apartment building and that it was in great demand. Ü However, it was opened so much that the stores in this passage remained empty. But the fate of shopping malls will not look like passages. Because they are making great investments and they are constantly renewing themselves. Çünkü
Clean air in shopping center
MAHMUT Gultekin Nautilus said that 100 was climatized with fresh air and that they were separated from other shopping centers in this sense.

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