National Train Period in Turkish Railways

Binali Yıldırım
Binali Yıldırım

📩 30/08/2021 08:23

With the Minister Yıldırım National Train Project, we will become a country that produces railway technology and exports it to countries in need.

Launch of the PROJ NATIONAL TRAIN PROJECT ”, which includes the high-speed train set, the new generation diesel train set (DMU), the new generation electric train set (EMU) and the new generation of freight wagons, by the Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali YILDIRIM Ankara Gar.

Cak National Trains Will Be on Rails in Commercial Meaning 2018 “
Minister YILDIRIM, in his speech at the ceremony; TCDD in Turkey's history, culture and even that left deep scars on independence, ignoring the development of such an institution, he can not be said of the miss.

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, on 157 years of railroad rail, scissors that even if it has to be from the outside, the steps taken results in today Turkey's own rail, traverse the scissors, signal and Asian Rail Kit, has announced that come to a country that produces rayotobü.

”The National Train Project has an annual history of 11“

Set in the middle of Turkey's $ 1 trillion, underlining that there is a market Yildirim, Turkey's market, they just create a step by step domestic rail industry to take part as a consumer, but it TCDD is not possible to do by itself, necessarily an ecosystem that needs to be created Underlining, “We have included many sections, primarily OSBs. As a result, we have more than 400 stakeholders. National high speed train, national electric and diesel sets and domestic signal system are now being discussed. The National Train Project was not an instantly emerging project. It has an 11-year history. Today, behind us, there is industry accumulation, university support, project support, R&D support. We aim to cooperate with everyone on this matter. We are excluded from the secret of work, so to speak. Do we do it, we do it. The projects of this have been drawn actively for a year. "Our team, working with great excitement to produce our own high-speed train, our own train sets, our own high-wagon, will print its name in the history of the railway in gold letters."

YILDIRIM, who pointed out that the interior and exterior design of the national trains is a unique project prepared considering the Turkish aesthetics; “It wouldn't be rational to say we will do it all. The important thing is to be the integrator of the business. First of all, all kinds of parts to be made with our domestic industry will be made here. TCDD will be a pioneer and make the most of this ecosystem. Body draw frames, interior equipment, air conditioning system can be made here. Those who cannot be taken are also taken from outside. ” said.

Minister YILDIRIM continued his speech as follows:

“TCDD's subsidiaries will take part in the construction of national trains. TÜLOMSAŞ will make high-speed train construction, TÜVASAŞ for electric and diesel train sets, and TÜDEMSAŞ for advanced freight wagons. In the project, Istanbul Technical University, Aselsan and 153 private companies are solution partners. TÜBİTAK is also involved in R&D. This is a national project. Critiques are also required. We are doing this job, it means half the job. While we were trying to close the railways 11 years ago, today we have come to the point that our national train, our signal will make all kinds of vehicles. ”

YILDIRIM stressed that there are many projects to be carried out on railways, such as renewing lines, making new lines, forming double lines, and that the National Train is a project that crowns them, and that this demand comes from the railway.
Binali YILDIRIM, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications who stated that the railroads are now entering a new era at the end of his speech, eme We are now entering a new era in the railways. This period is not only producing the railways technology, but also supporting countries in need, '' he said.

“We have identified our road map with our stakeholders“

In his speech, General Director of TCDD Süleyman KARAMAN gave information about the National Train Project process.

KARAMAN who explained that they started 11 October 2012 in the preliminary preparation of the project, our road map, our project partner, the stakeholders have been determined, and they have realized more than one hundred meetings with the public institutions, scientific institutions, universities and private sector, bilateral, triple, and so on. High Speed ​​Train, National Electric and Diesel Train Set, National New Generation freight wagon, themed four separate working groups, he said.

Underlining the fact that they have drawn the necessary road map with the project partners, KARAMAN said, lar In partnership with TCDD and Istanbul Technical University; As the main responsible for TCDD, the National High Speed ​​Train Project, TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜVASAŞ as the National Electric and Diesel Train Set Project Investigator, TÜDEMSAŞ as the National Freight Wagon Project Project, TÜBİTAK as the Stakeholders, ASELSAN, DATEM, Private Sector Clusters. Rail Transport Systems Cluster ARUS, Eskişehir Rail Systems Cluster RSK was determined. As a result of these determinations, we have established 4 project coordination group that will work under 33 project group and groups including High Speed ​​Train, Electric Sets and freight wagon production and test control processes. Bu

General Manager Karaman, 323 people and coordination groups pointing to their own road maps and work schedules, pointing out N 280 scientist, 1056 engineer, 520 technical and managerial staff, including a total of 1856 person will work National We have determined the contents of train projects, cooperation areas with stakeholders, created work packages, completed the technical documentation and completed the business plans. Tren

After the speeches, models of National Fast and Electric Train were introduced by Minister Yildirim.
Later, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali YILDIRIM introduced Diesel Train Set, Diesel Electric Locomotives, Electric Locomotives and freight wagons produced by subsidiaries with the support of TCDD within the scope of the National Train Project.

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