Müsiad introduces high-speed train platform

Müsiad introduced the high-speed train platform: The web page built on behalf of the I Want My High Speed ​​Train platform, which was created under the leadership of MÜSİAD Erzurum Branch, was introduced to the public.
ERZURUM - Dr. Huseyin Bekmez, MÜSİAD Erzurum Branch President Dr. Hüseyin Bekmez, Board Members, KUDAKA Secretary General Talha Bekir Özmen, Memur Sen Provincial President Abdullah Duman, Representatives of Officer Unions Associations, Erzurum Civil Society Platform member association representatives, trade union presidents, professional organization representatives and many guests attended.
MUSIAD Erzurum Branch President Dr. Huseyin Bekmez http://www.hızlıtrenimiistiyorum.com "The transportation sector stands out as one of the most dynamic sectors today. This sector, which directly and indirectly affects all segments with its qualitative and quantitative dimensions, is in continuous development due to its structure. Postmodern production and consumption, which entered the lives of individuals at the beginning of the last century, changed the quality and quantity of human life. This situation, as in every field, has included the transportation sector in the race of being fast and cheap. Therefore, one of the most important determinants of the global world has been the rapid displacement of raw materials, products and people with the decrease in transportation costs. Due to the constantly renewed passenger transportation preferences, economic development, the change in the structure and number of the population, the concept of competition taking place in every moment of human life, the way of transportation and its preferences have changed constantly due to reasons such as the race against time, the change of residential preferences, and the horizontal urbanization format. The railway system, which is one of the sub-systems of transportation, started to carry passengers in 1825. After that, especially the countries that have developed the railway network have accelerated their development processes by establishing a transportation network similar to the effect of the development of the internet network in the dissemination of information. The high-speed trains, which have been in use since the early 1960s, show the latest point in the technological development in railway transportation vehicles.
The transport network combines not only spatial but also socio-economic, cultural, scientific and so on. This network is more in the context of high speed train; it offers many advantages such as saving time, environmental impacts, having a safe transportation option, and creating a source of prestige for countries. The fact that the transportation sector and economic development are intertwined is seen as the transportation sector in the economic field and the transportation sector supports economic growth. This means that the interaction will be affected by the transport sector in all economic sub-sectors. The cost, marketing, consumption and preferences of the output resulting from the production factors are always influenced by the transportation sector.
The main point that distinguishes high speed train from other conventional trains is the concept of "speed". Although speed is an element that the vehicle can do alone, it would be wrong to evaluate speed and vehicle together. It is necessary to add the factors that support and motivate the speed to the speed factor. In general, it is understood that a structure equipped with high speed rail system, reinforced with electrification system, and transition points such as bridges and viaducts are designed in a different format. In contrast, the old conventional train lines are reworked and made suitable for high speed and operated. According to Givoni, the important features of the high speed train are a secure, uninterrupted rail path between rails, a high speed compatible infrastructure equipment and a different signaling system.
The high-speed train provides passengers with a fast, safe, modern journey, which is particularly competitive in medium distances (200-900 km), saving time in terms of its benefits, resulting in additional capacity increase and broad economic benefits.
Their competitive nature, especially for medium distance distances, shows that they have comparative advantages over other means of transport. However, by allowing for a large number of capacities, it connects important economic centers and offers a flexible structure against the sudden fluctuations in demand. Speed ​​trains that protect passengers from disadvantages such as difficulties in transportation to the airport, avoidance of delays (control, security, etc.), traffic congestion and the necessity of using another means of transportation provide the consumers with the advantage of starting their journey immediately.
The high speed train project tender between Sivas and Erzincan was held in 2011 and completed in 2013. Currently, a 50 km road construction tender announcement has been made in Sivasdan Erzincan direction and the construction tender for the 28 km road will be made on 2014 January 50. Road constructions will continue step by step. If the duration of the projects is taken into consideration (the project tenders take at least 1 to 2 years), the construction of the project between Erzincan and Erzurum is commenced. (project tender preparation and project completion period will take at least two years). Construction tender cannot be made before the project is delivered. The demand of our platform; While the tender for project construction between Erzincan and Sivas is going on, the tender for the project between Erzincan and Erzurum is also done. " He spoke.
Bekmez noted the following regarding the purpose and activities of the platform; “To explain the conveniences and economic benefits of the High Speed ​​Train to our lives, including non-governmental organizations and our people,
To ensure the rapid movement of the city to the city of Erzurum by actively informing the people of the city and the region.
In order to initiate the project tender works of Erzincan Erzurum and Erzurum Kars routes, to make necessary initiatives in the government, together with non-governmental organizations, local people and politicians.
I want my High Speed ​​Train http://www.hizlitrenimiistiyorum.com To make publicity by our members to become a member and to make advertisements and announcements from other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. To contact with non-governmental organizations in neighboring provinces such as Erzincan, Kars, Ağrı, Ardahan and Iğdır in our region, which will benefit from High Speed ​​Train as a platform. To organize meetings, seminars, conferences by experts in the field to explain the social and economic benefits of the High Speed ​​Train to our province and region. To visit as a platform to raise awareness in public institutions and organizations in our city. The high speed train departing from Istanbul is connected to Baku as soon as possible and to embrace the sister Turkic Republics. ”
In the last part of the program, Turkeli Media manager Bünyamin Emeç, who promoted the site, gave information about the site. Emeç said that visitors can give support to the platform by writing their names, and that they can be guided to support social networking sites on the site.
Participants who attended the program later exchanged views about the platform and the works to be done.

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