Motorway and high-speed train project will change the face of Bursan

The highway and high-speed train project will change the face of Bursa: Bursa Governor Münir Karaloğlu said that with the completion of the Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir highway and the Osmaneli-Bursa high-speed train project, nothing will be the same in Bursa anymore.
Bursa Governor Münir Karaloğlu, who met with journalists at Kültürpar Altınceylan Retoran, made statements about Bursa's goals. From the high-speed train and highway project, the use of agricultural lands, the latest situation in the industry, whether the environmental plans of the Istanbul-Bursa-İzmir highway, which is one of the biggest projects in the history of the Republic of Turkey, and the Osmaneli-Bursa high-speed train project will pave the way for the city's course, what will happen to the city? kazanHe said that they were doing a research to find out what would happen. Expressing that nothing will be the same in Bursa, Karaloğlu said, “Nothing will be the same in Bursa after the highway and high-speed railway line are completed. As urban dynamics, we must be prepared for the consequences of these two investments. If we do not, this city will continue to develop without a plan, program or project. We try to put something on it. There is no disruption to the project. It goes ahead of schedule. It is aimed to use the entire Bursa-Istanbul highway with the Gulf crossing at the end of 2015, between Bursa ring road and Altınova in March 2015. The road between Bursa and İzmir will continue for a while. It may extend into 2018. What interests us more is the connection to Istanbul," he said.
Explaining that the agricultural land is a great fortune for Bursa Karaloglu, continued:
“There is no substitute for the soil. Because of the lack of planning, despair, unconsciousness, agricultural land was used as an industrial area. The effort of what the highway will take and what will take is an effort to protect the lands. There is no direct land emphasis, but if it is said that your industry will be under such pressure, new areas that are not agricultural land should be prepared for the industry. We cannot say that this city is full of industry. We have no luxury to say that. This city has goals. 500 billion dollars export can only be achieved through investment and production. It has to increase its investment and production in Bursa. We have to reconcile these two things. We will protect our land, which will be our industry. It's not that easy. It is very difficult, but it is not a job that cannot be accomplished. If we see the pressure of the new highway and high-speed train and do not take precautions beforehand, we will be afraid. Yenişehir, Karacabey and MKP go. Animal husbandry is developing in Yenişehir. In order not to lose, we must pave the way for the industrialist. We can say to the industrialist 'you can only do industry here'. "
Noting that the high-speed train line works are continuing at full speed, Karaloğlu emphasized that they will make investigations on the line with Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç in the coming days. Stating that the high-speed train business is costly and difficult, Karaloğlu said, “This is a long time-consuming job. At the same time, the tender for the divided roads of Iznik-Yenişehir, Iznik-İnegöl was held. Yenişehir-Bilecik road, which started and started as 1 × 1, later turned into 2 × 2. The supply tender file is ready. It is important that that road be tendered and the route between Yenişehir and Bilecik be completed as a double road. The last chapter has been completed in the Mezit valley in the last 4 months. He said, "There is a chance to go from Bursa to Ankara without interruption."
Uludag, Turkey's leading provide transportation from winter tourism centers will express renewed Karaloğlu 35 kilometers of the road, "30 December auction of the way he has. In 2 years, 35 kilometers of the Uludağ road will be rebuilt as hot asphalt. We will start in March and finish at the end of 2015. We will do it from top to bottom. We will solve the transportation problem of Uludağ. We will make hot asphalt by making partial improvements in bends. There will be no expansion on the Uludağ road. The path will be removed in its current form. Substrate and top will be passed to hot asphalt. "Some dangerous bends will be corrected" he said.

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