Millions of Trains to her Escrow

Mileage Trains entrusted him Safety: Women in different sectors of the World Women's Rights Day in Samsun and being the only one in his profession, ladies are banging their finger on success.
Sevilay Germi, a graduate of the physics department, who works as the Control Center Chief at SAMULAŞ affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality, is responsible for the operation of the trains. Sevilay stated that his work only German in Turkey, "I have been working here since the day it opened. I started my first job as a mechanic. Later I worked as a control center operator and worked in shifts. Now I have been the Control Center Chief for 1.5 years. We have 9 operators. This place is open 24 hours. The locations, management system and operations of the trains are all provided here. I graduated from OMU Physics Department. I completed my master's degree here. Now I am studying Rail System Management with distance education because I think it will be more beneficial for my working life. Turkey is not available as a female chief control center in general. There are too many female employees in our country. The difficulties of this business for women are more limited in allocating time to yourself, your home and your private life, but it becomes more comfortable when you are single. You need to know all about the continuous line. It is very important that you have knowledge as well as the equipment. "I am doing this job with pleasure."

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  1. After Sevilay, the control center chief was Evren BERK. There was the dispatcher looking at the radios. When this friend became a chef, the walk changed the vote as if he was the master in the tower in the sky :)