Metrobusting action (Video)

Do not place the action in Metrobus: Young Platform members Turkey, 'not in the Metrobus' was taking the action.
The first member of the platform sitting on the metrobüse ride young people, then the elderly, pregnant women and children gave their seats.
Young Turkey Platform members, they first came to ride the Metrobus Metrobus Sogutlucesme today. The young people then gave their seats to the elderly, pregnant women and women with children who got on the metrobus and could not find a place to sit. After Uzunçayır Metrobus Station platform in the press release on behalf of the Young Turkey Platform Actions President Mohammad Ali Karakas said:
“Our platform consists of active youth associations. We came together with youth associations as part of a project. Our friends hosted women, old women, women with children in groups at 45 different stops. The purpose of this space is to bring respect, love, peace and togetherness in society. Because when you look at the bus stops, people look down on each other and step on each other. As youth, we tried to show that this kind of youth exists. It was a very productive event.




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