Solve the problems that prevent the disabled in metrobus and subway stops

Solve the problems that prevent disabled people at metrobus and subway stops: 3 In the December world disability day, problems continue at Metrobus and metro stations, and when will the problems that hinder disabled people be solved?
Questions from CHP IMM Council Member Fikret Konya to Mayor Topbaş: For our disabled citizens at the stops of the metrobus and subways, the malfunctions and problems that occur in platforms, elevators, escalators and bands continue to victimize our citizens, when will the problems be resolved? Which tender procedures were used for the procurement of the problematic platforms, elevators, escalators and bands? What are the tender prices and who are in charge of them? How many times have criminal actions been applied to the relevant contractors for these problems? What is the total cost of these?
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly in October 2013 Assembly meetings in the Assembly of Parliament Members Fikret Konya, Ercihan Sour, Dr. The written question submitted by President Kadir Topbaş and submitted to the Presidency of the IMM Parliament with the signatures of Hakkı Sağlam and Serdar Bayraktar;
“It has been observed that the malfunctions and problems in the platforms, elevators, escalators and bands at the bus stops, especially in Mecidiyeköy, for our disabled citizens, who are at the metrobus stops between Sögütlüçeşme and Beylikdüzü. This situation has been brought to the agenda of the parliament several times by us, but it has been observed that the problems have been continuing, as no measures have been taken in this regard.
In this context; We ask that the following questions be answered.
1 2012-2013 How many disability platforms for lifts and escalators have been purchased for stops located on the Metrobus route?
2) Which procurement procedures were carried out? What are the tender prices and who has the responsibility?
3) Is there a transfer of contracts for these tenders? Who made the decision with which the transfer is in question.
4) How many tenders have been made for 2012-2013 years for the platform, elevator and escalators and bands maintenance? WHAT IS THE TENDER POINTS? WHO WERE IN THE UHD?
5) Is there a transfer contract in maintenance contracts? If any, these cycles are made with whom decisions.
6) 2012-2013 What is the number of complaints about the platform, elevators and escalators?
7) Is there an accident occurring in these areas to this day? If so, what is the location, date, results and details?
8) How many times have the parties been charged with this problem? What is their total cost?
9) Is there a tender that has been terminated by the Administration?
10) We request an example of the technical specifications used in the acquisition of metrobuses and escalators and bands.
11) How many parking lots of which capacity are planned for the use of metrobus and public transportation on the aforementioned route? What is the stage reached as of today? "

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