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marmaray trains
marmaray trains

One of the panels organized by the Caspian Strategy Institute (HASEN) for the third Caspian Forum this year was realized by Nicuşor Marian Buica (left), Azerbaijani Caspian Sea Shipping Company President Rauf Aliyev (center) and Kazakhstan Minister of Transport Askar Mamin ( on the right).

The Kazakh Minister participated in the June Forum

Speaking at the panel on 'Caspian Transit Corridor da at the Caspian Forum held by HASEN, Asgar Mamin, President of Kazakhstan Railways, stated that they will have projects connected with Marmaray next year, and that they will extend to the Straits in this way. progress, ”he said. Mamin stated that the Caspian Region is a strategic region between Asia and Europe and that the Caspian corridor will unite the European and Asian economies. Mamin stated that they are currently implementing a very large project in Kazakhstan and said “1.000 is a project connected to Caspian Sea with a length of kilometers kilomet. Azerbaijan Transport Minister Ziya Mammadov stated that the importance of the Silk Road, the Silk Road is not only a means of transport and transportation, but also a link that connects peoples and nations, he said.

Cooperation in the Caspian is important

"Azerbaijan is an active participant in many projects for the development of Eurasian transport links," said Mammadov, noting that the transport systems of the countries are not only domestic transports but also serve the world transport network. Nicosor Marian Buica, State Secretary of the Romanian Ministry of Transport, said that countries should co-operate in transport and said the co-operation of the Caspian countries is crucial to link Europe to Asia. Buica explained that it was a dream to connect Asia to Europe by rail for Kazakhstan, but underlined that this dream was realized thanks to Marmaray. Transport company President Rauf Veliyev the Caspian that play an important role in the development of cooperation between the country of Turkey, said they aimed to contribute to the realization of transport projects in the region on the Caspian Project and the new Silk Road project, also said he would operate the company.

Gül: The Caspian is in a critical position

President Abdullah Gül, who sent a message to the summit, said TAN TANAP, which we realized together with Azerbaijan, will be the backbone of the southern gas corridor ”. Gul said that the Caspian is a crossroads of important trade, transportation and cultural interaction routes and is in a critical position in the search for energy security, sustainable development, prosperity and peace. Pointing out that transportation is another important part of the vision of regional partnership, Gül noted that the revitalization of the modern pacific line, which is called the modern Silk Road, is important in this respect, and that the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway connection will connect London and Beijing via the Caspian.

Aliyev: Cultures will get closer

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, who sent a letter to the Caspian Form, said that Caspian connecting East and West has become one of the most important geostrategic regions of the world. Iy In the last 10 year, with the development of the Azerbaijani economy, it has been able to undertake giant projects in the region and in the country and to make investments in the energy field of different countries. The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway will also serve to bring different cultures closer to the revival of the great silk road. ”

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