Metrotay in Izmir against Marmaray

Metrotay in Izmir against Marmaray: Izmir Civil Society Organizations (ISTOK) protested the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with the horse carriage and carriage, 'Metro-Tay' about the failure to complete the Üçyol-Üçkuyular metro line in 8 years.
A group of platform members gathered in Üçkuyular protested the Metropolitan Municipality with a humorous composition. Four horse carriages and a phaeton were brought to the location of the subway construction. "Metro-Tay" was written on the carriages. Platform sözcüSü Halit Çelik reminded that the subway, whose foundation was laid in 2005, could not be completed even after 8 years. Claiming that the tradesmen closed the shutters after the closure of the İnönü Avenue due to the subway works, and that the rest were working at a loss in the hope that the subway would be finished, lawyer Halit Çelik said, “Although it was said that we would go one morning, he never came. Seeing this difficult situation of the president, we decided to help ISTOK as members of the association ”he said.
Reminding that they had previously protested that their subway was not finished and that the prisoners who had dug 80 meters tunnel from Bingöl M Type Prison and tried to run it within the scope of compulsory public service, Çelik said, “On the one hand, we will help dig underground, on the other hand, We will. METROTAY's fuel, which is very affordable and environmentally friendly compared to other subways, is grass and is far from any risks. It does not have any problems such as collapse, perforation, or flooding. “Good luck to the people of Izmir,” METROTAY said.
After the speeches, the imam cloak and the symbolic imam opening prayer was worn, the ribbon was cut. The members of the platform then took the horse carriages and took the halay with the drums zurna.

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