Marmaray Sirkeci Station Opened Quietly

marmaray sirkci station
marmaray sirkci station

The Marmaray Sirkeci station was opened silently: Sirkeci station, which has been closed since the day Marmaray started its service, opened quietly yesterday. Citizens said that they were happy with the opening of Sirkeci station and they could now go to their jobs more comfortably.

The Marmaray Sirkeci station could not be put into service due to the density caused by the opening of the Marmaray line and free of charge. Sirkeci station was activated yesterday silently. Up to this day, citizens who had a job in the Eminönü region from the Anatolian side, preferred the sea transportation because of the closed Sirkeci station and went to their homes and offices. With the commissioning of Marmaray Sirkeci station yesterday, citizens who preferred sea transportation flocked to Marmaray.

Hasan Egypt, who stated that he came to Eminönü region for the first time with Marmaray, said “I use Marmaray Sirkeci station for the first time. I've been coming by ferry before. It is very nice to take advantage of the possibilities of civilization and civilization. I'm a civil engineer. I am proud of my profession as it is an engineering marvel in this project. God bless those who do. ”

The passenger named Nahide Biryıldır, who said that he was very happy when he saw that the Sirkeci Station was opened, said, “They said that Sirkeci was closed. I was anxious about the difficulty of transportation in Yenikapı. I was very happy when I got off here, I was happy. It can be said that it is busy even though it is weekdays and working hours ”.



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