If Deputy Prime Minister Babacan was corrupt Marmaray could not be made

Deputy Prime Minister Babacan corruption had been Marmaray was done: Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, the AK Party government corruption always stressing that fight, "If our government had not been in a really great susceptibility to corruption, so the increase in prosperity in Turkey would certainly not possible. Corruption has to be done in a Turkey where the Marmaray tolerate, it can not build high-speed railway lines. If gözyumuls corruption in Turkey, the AK Party can not go into election victories from 7 until today, can not win the trust of the nation, the nation could not have honored the countenance density so, "he said.
Speaking on behalf of the government on the 2014 Central Government Budget Draft Law at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Babacan said that the 2014 budget contributed to increasing domestic savings, directing existing resources to productive areas, increasing the efficiency of the economy, increasing employment, reducing inflation and maintaining a strong stance in public finance. Stating that he would provide, he continued as follows:
“Every reform we made during 11 years not only enlarged our country, but also relieved our nation, it also disturbed and disturbed some people. It seriously damaged someone's interests. Turkey's economy grows hurts the interests of providing an unfair advantage. Those who benefit from high interest rates are now in trouble. They are not happy with the developments. 'I wonder how we can return to those old days, they are in an effort.
Turkey is one of the nation in trying to win the overall solution process of fighting for the continuation of terror and a great source to stay in the pocket. Turkey kavuştuk of stability, losing the winners of the interest in Turkey. Turkey is losing and winning at the expense of those who died were killed by the terrorist as they solved the issue. One of Turkey's increased activity in the playground of the world, losing their area. providing annuity from chaos to Turkey, we gained confidence and security are seriously suffers the loss of rent. "
Babacan, who stated that Ak Parti governments are always sensitive and sensitive about the corruption, continued as follows:
“Our government has been sensitive about corruption since the first days we took office. Transparency and accountability have been our basic principles. The AK Party government has determined the fight against corruption, bans and poverty as its most basic and urgent goals and resolutely went over these 3 years. For 11 years, nobody was tolerated by any means regarding corruption. No corruption has been covered up to date. Whoever was, was immediately submitted to the law, and the necessary action was taken immediately.
If our government really had not been in a great sensitivity to corruption, it was certainly not possible to increase the prosperity in Turkey. If the AK Party government had not been extremely careful against corruption, 347 thousand classrooms could not be added to the existing 11 thousand classrooms in 105 years. Corruption has to be done in a Turkey where the Marmaray tolerate, it can not build high-speed railway lines. It could not be held by the poor both in our country and in Somalia, Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan and Africa. If corruption had been covered up, the Central Bank reserves could not have increased from $ 28 billion to $ 135 billion. The IMF debt, which was 23 billion dollars, could not decrease to zero. The Treasury's borrowing interest would not have decreased from 63 percent to 9 percent if the corruption had been covered up. If corruption had been covered, the ratio of public debt to national income would not have decreased from 74 percent to 36 percent. If gözyumuls corruption in Turkey, the AK Party can not go into election victories from 7 until today, can not win the trust of the nation, it could not be honored in the nation's countenance so much intensity.
Every person who has a sense of justice in his heart and a conscience has to admit that the suspect is innocent until proven otherwise. Especially under the roof of this supreme legislative Assembly, it is our duty to keep the spirit and essence of the laws alive and apply them. which will decide whether a person is guilty of the courts are independent Republic of Turkey. It is not the newspapers, televisions and social media that will judge the suspects and separate the guilty from the innocent and show the land with ak and only the judiciary. It is not an island to reveal secret documents and information, to make a final judgment on them, to execute immediately. In this way, justice is not manifested, justice cannot be fulfilled, and money and land are not separated from each other. The uglier the corruption is, the bigger the right is to be taken, the worse, ugly and immoral it is to decide, punish and execute before the judicial process is completed.

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 19:20

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