Logistics companies 500 move into investment attack for billion billion exports

Logistics companies moved to attack billion investment for export 500: 2023 with Turkey prepares to all sectors, logisticians who will carry the 500 billion export target was now to invest attack.
Noting that accelerate their investments in storage logistics company TLS Logistics Chairman Altug HACIALİOĞLU, "Warehouses, logistics villages, ports and railway related infrastructure construction investments are made, multinational companies will make logistics center in Turkey. In this way they carry out close to Turkey also made significant contributions in their sales geography to reach the target 500 billion dollars. This timely completion of infrastructure investments and Turkey can bring into a competitive logistics corridor xnumx's minimum percentage of the export 500 20 billion dollars billion dollars so come here, "he said.
The interest in the Turkey and the Turkish logistics sector in the coming years will increase, indicating that local and will continue to attract foreign investment Altug HACIALİOĞLU, made the following assessment: "It's Turkey in stores in European and American standards. Companies in this area need to manage the warehouses well. Warehouses need to be analyzed according to sectors and also close to ports and railway connections. The shortcomings in this area should be solved quickly.
Explaining that the logistics sector in Turkey has achieved a rapid growth, Altuğ Hacıalioğlu said: “Purchases in the sector have accelerated recently. kazanwas. Especially the interest of foreign companies is increasing day by day. There are a total of 4 thousand companies operating in the sector. Many of these companies are closing and reopening quickly. I estimate that the annual turnover of the sector is 50 billion dollars. By the end of this year, I predict that the sector will grow by 7-8 percent. In the next year, the interest of foreigners in the Turkish logistics sector will increase.”
240 will make a million pounds turnover
Altuğ Hacıalioğlu stated that TLS Logistics will close 2013 year with 24 growth rate and said: büyüme Our investments in logistics sector are increasing day by day. The number of people we employ has passed 1100. Our year-end turnover target is around 240 million pounds. We work in the automotive, energy, food and textile sectors. In particular, we have increased our investments in the energy sector. We bought wind turbine vehicles. However, it is necessary to provide legal arrangements for investor companies in order to start the works here.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr

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