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The project of Körfez-Kartepe Light Rail System becomes clear: The details of the project related to esi pedestrianization Kart of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and light rail system between Körfez-Kartepe are also clarified. Cumhuriyet and Hürriyet Streets in İzmit will be closed to vehicle traffic in the coming years and will only be open to pedestrians. In this section, al tram İstanbul will work as in Istanbul İstiklal Street. The tram that will move in front of the Central Bank will go to Izmit Bus Terminal.
The tender for the Light Rail System, which will be announced on December 11, is scheduled for the stage stage. Light rail to be built in the 32 kilometer section between Yarımca Atalar Quarter and Cengiz Topel Airport
On the D-100 route. However, it is stated that not all of the work will be done at the same time, but in the section. After the tender, the company will prepare a feasibility report for the project. After the construction tender; the construction of this project for many years seems inevitable.
In the studies carried out in Büyükşehir in relation to the Light Rail System and tramway project, especially the closure of İzmit city center to vehicle traffic is of a different importance. As a matter of fact, the sketches about this project are thought to be open only to the pedestrians of Cumhuriyet and Hürriyet Streets, and the images are prepared accordingly. The tram line, which is planned to be built in this region, is either from the Walkway; or one of the Republican or Hurriyet Street. Vehicle transition will take place in the north-south direction, a study will be developed accordingly. It is certain that the implementation of these two projects, which are really beautiful on paper, on a visual level, will take quite some time. It is certain that these projects will always be on the agenda in the selection process and will be discussed.

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