Bay Dolphin train sets in Izmir in April

Gulf Dolphins train sets in İzmir in April: Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), a subsidiary of Adapazari / EUROTEM facilities, Izmir Commuter System since its construction to be used izban "Gulf dolphin is" the name given train sets were ready for the first three services.
The first three sets, the assembly of which has started at the EUROTEM factory in Adapazarı, are planned to be in Izmir starting from April. The tests of the Gulf Dolphin, which will be used in İzmir city transportation, will be completed in Adapazarı and the first three sets of 9 wagons will be put into operation as soon as they arrive in Izmir. In 2014, a total of 72 sets with 24 wagons are planned to be in İzmir. The remaining sets will be completed and put into operation until August 2015. Thus, İZBAN, which will strengthen its fleet thoroughly, will increase the quality of the service it offers to the people of İzmir, while it will be able to put more trains into operation and reduce the density significantly.
40 new EMU train sets of İZBAN are manufactured by using 25% Turkish industrial products at EUROTEM, a subsidiary of Tcdd. In this way, Turkey is approximately 85 million pounds of added value is created for the industry.
Gulf Dolphin
İZBAN's new trains, called Gulf Dolphin, consist of 120 sets of 40 wagons. The length of each set is 70 meters. The sets are 2 meters 95 inches wide and 3 meters 85 inches high. The sets, whose operating speed is determined as 140 km / h, will be able to carry approximately 1500 passengers in a double series at a time. There are 19 automatic passenger doors, and automatic sliding bridges that provide security during passenger landing and boarding are located on the doors.

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