Police raid on Railway Workers Union in Korea

Police raid on Railway Workers Union in Korea, more than 100 detainees were arrested. The South Korean government attacked the railway workers in the strike. DİSK will conduct action ahead of South Korean Consulate in 24 (13.00 December) for solidarity with South Korean workers
Finally, the South Korean government raided the union center of the railway workers on strike in December at 22. Hundreds of policemen who occupied the building with pepper gas wounded dozens of workers, more than 100 were beaten and detained and the 6 union manager was arrested. An arrest warrant was issued for the 28 union manager.
The Korea Railroad Workers' Union (KRWU) made a written statement saying that what happened was ik dictatorial violence ın, while the Confederation of Unions of Korea, which the union was affiliated with, called all the workers 28 to the general strike in December.
Against the South Korean government's privatization program since June 2013, the Korean Railway Company (KORAIL) workers are struggling to get workers 'opinions in the process of restructuring and not to take steps to harm workers' rights. As the government excluded the railway workers from the process and continued with the privatization program, 9 announced a strike in December under the leadership of the Korean Railway Workers Union (KRWU).
The South Korean government and KORAIL management responded to the strike of the railway workers in 2009 with arrests, false accusations, disciplinary measures and attacks. The International Labor Organization (ILO) and the International Transport Workers 'Federation (ITF) have not yet received a response from the government, despite calls by the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) to prevent the seizure of the rights of railway workers since October this year.

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