Konya Aladağ Winter Sports Center Project

Konya Aladag Winter Sports Center Project: What happened to 'Bozkır' projects and what happened to Konya's Aladag? Derbent Municipality came to our article.

I don't even remember how many times I read the text. I have read many times and I have questioned myself with this text, giving my readers the right to be 'critical of each subject'.

In the related article, 'how many spring passed?' I asked the question. I don't know how many times we will write the question of 'how many spring' if you take into account what is the point and the size of the project (265 million euros).

Let's see what happened to the Aladağ project in Konya. I publish the point without touching the comma. Let's read together again;

“Mehmet Ali's attention to the brain


The Aladağ Ski Center Project, which has an altitude of 2 thousand 385 meters, started to be the Winter Sports Center of Konya, was a project that was previously imagined, while the Mayor of Derbent, Hamdi Acar, made the last slogan of Bursa. If there is, there is also Aladağ'ın Konya 'in the words of the official initiatives and efforts after gaining momentum, the implementation of the so far has made a significant progress.

Konya, arouse great excitement with the arrival on the public agenda and when it started to be wondering which implemented the project, Youth and Sports Director Mr. Mehmet Baykan instructions with Turkey after his long study in the ski area at the pinnacle of Aladag of experts sent from Ski Federation The study was started after the study was approved. In the study report, in summary, “Very convenient location for skiing. Snow thickness and quality were also found to be appropriate in the controls carried out in winter. K

Turkey Ski Federation Aladag the conformity of our work was begun after the project's approval of the feasibility study report on the implementation of the subsequent General Assembly of Konya Konya Metropolitan Municipality Assembly, and then we also claiming support.

With the decision dated 14.6.2013 date and 296 of the Metropolitan Municipality Council, the Derbent Aladağ Winter Sports Tourism Center plan has been approved. At present, the region is expected to be declared a tourism region by the decision of the Council of Ministers.

Following these developments, road works were started by the Konya Provincial Special Administration in the autumn season in order to provide access to the summit of Aladağ. Our citizens will be able to perform skiing activities in the natural park area even in winter, even before the project is launched.

In addition, the AK Party Konya MP Mustafa Flow, the General Directorate of Youth and Sports in the program included in the investment program for the allocation of funds and requests made in the last, KOP Regional Administration of the project by claiming the project, the investment program in the relevant institutions on the project with the allocation of funds related proposal.

Konya Aladag Project with the agenda of the agenda in our city, before the Federation of the Provincial Ski Federation in Konya, now has been appointed as the representative of the Konya Rock Federation, our Provincial Representative Zarif Yildirim also carries out studies related to this project.

This huge project, of course, is not a project to be implemented with the budget and facilities of the Municipality of Derbent. Following the investments of our state to form the infrastructure of the ski center, this project will be realized after investing our investors in Konya Aladağ for winter tourism, and in this respect, the project is a long-term project. As Derbent Municipality, our initiatives and efforts to initiate and follow up the initiatives related to this project and to bring the investments to the region as soon as possible by keeping the public on the agenda continue.

In the first phase of Aladag Ski Center, 50 million for skiing infrastructure, 70 million for accommodation and other facilities, 60 million for skiing infrastructure and 85 million for accommodation and other facilities are foreseen in the second phase. In total, an investment of 265 million EURO is envisaged for the whole project. On the other hand, with the realization of this project, apart from winter sports, Aladag will be able to host the football teams as a center where they can host paragliding, trekking, mountaineering, mountain biking, off-road etc. competencies on the 365 day of the year.

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