Is a light rail system built?

I do not believe that the Metropolitan Municipality will realize the light rail system for public transportation in our city. They promised five years ago, they never took a step. As the local election is approaching now, I consider the Metropolitan Municipality to open an engineering service tender for the project and feasibility studies for the light rail system as a "Let friends see in shopping" initiative.
Metropolitan Municipality plans to install a light rail system and run a tram on the 32-kilometer route from Yarimca to Cengiz Topel Airport, namely Uzuntarla. If this project is realized, the tram will pass through Izmit. Central Bank will enter in front of Izmit Branch and go to the bus station.
For the tram, either Railway Road or Hürriyet Street will be used. I don't think anyone's going to take the rail system through the Walkway.
Now it is necessary to decide which street the tram will pass through in the city center. In fact, there was an attempt of “Closing Railway Railway to vehicle traffic and separating it to public transportation vehicles” brought to the city's agenda many years ago. Then they gave up. If there is a tram going through the city one day, it is necessary to get used to the city. Let's close one of the Railway or Hürriyet Streets to vehicle traffic, let's see how the traffic works. Then, while the rails are laid on this street, while the tram is running, suddenly the city traffic should not be upset.

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