Tramway Opening in Kocaeli

Kocaeli, Trams Description: before the local elections in 2009 years of its promises to the city's residents, who could not spend the vast majority of major projects that promote life Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, 30 March elections approaching, succession opens tenders.
Metropolitan Municipality, years ago needs to be done Kandıra Bridge Scrapers, Captain Yahya Interchange have begun in recent months to the construction, in December for the closed market place for many years held had announced tender. The Metropolitan has now announced the date of the first tender for the Light Rail System project.
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, with half of the first stage Quarter Horse, in 32-kilometer light rail route between Cengiz Topel Airport (tram line) is preparing to make. Land Engineering consultancy for the preparation of feasibility studies and preparation of feasibility studies for the Northern Public Transport Light Rail Line bil tender will be held in 11 in December. The engineering firm that will win this tender will have 300 day time to prepare project and feasibility reports. Then the construction of light rail system will be auctioned. So it is very difficult for this business in our city to reach even 2023.
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's 32 kilometer-long light rail line is planned to pass through the city center in Izmit. The tram that runs on this line will use Hürriyet or Cumhuriyet Street. A passenger arriving on the tramway from the Izmit Branch of the Central Bank will be able to go through the city until the bus station.

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    80 systems break down every time.
    Court with the municipality of Antalya. 5-6 since year
    Don't Buy the SPANISH Trams !! they are really rubbish I was repairing fleet of CAF in Antalya… Municipility is trying to retun Trams of CAF