Heavy Snowfall Continues in Kartepe Ski Center

Heavy Snowfall Continues in Kartepe Ski Center: Snowfall continues intensely on the summit of Kartepe, which is the highest hill of the region in Kartepe district of Kocaeli with an altitude of one thousand 850 meters.

The temperature in the Kartepe Ski Center dropped to -4 degrees, increasing the intensity of snowfall in the region. While the temperature at sea level was 3 degrees, the temperature dropped to -4 degrees in Kartepe, causing 4-5 cm of snow thickness in places. While the tourism workers are happy with the weather, citizens who want to see the snow early by knowing the opportunity at the weekend flocked to the summit. Hotel officials stated that the occupancy rate was 95 percent, and that the snow thickness should be at least 80 cm to open the ski season.

Snowfall is expected to increase gradually in the coming days.