Karaman: The Eye of the World's Railroads

📩 29/11/2018 17:26

Karaman: The Eye of the World Railroads: The 87 Training Board of TCDD was held at the Great Meeting Hall of the General Directorate of TCDD at 28-29 November 2013.
TCDD Speaking at the opening of the Directors General Director Süleyman Karaman, this year's Council of the Marmaray opening followed the turning point in the history of Turkey railway and yet they were proud as railwaymen from making the eve of the opening of the high-speed train line in Istanbul, he said.
In addition to the services performed, KARAMAN underlined that together with the knowledge of the developed railroads of the world, following the technology and creating a new, innovative and integrated TCDD profile together with the perception of changing railway in the society, KARAMAN emphasized that one of the fundamental change dynamics in this profile is education. KARAMAN continued as follows:
Uz On the one hand, we make our own personnel as well as the railroads of the EU member states. On the one hand, we are creating the civil railway labor force that will meet the human resource needs of the railroads developing with the Ministry of National Education. We are sending scholarships to Western European and Far Eastern countries to increase the knowledge of intelligent and talented young people, as in the first years of the Republic, by granting scholarships. On the one hand, we are opening rail vocational high schools in universities. We have established engineering department of the rail system for the first time in Turkey, the training began. Together with UIC, we prepare training programs with the relevant units of the European Union.
Middle East Education Center, which is the most comprehensive and effective Education Center of our region, was established in Eskişehir and started education. On the one hand, we are implementing professional standards that also comply with the EU acquis. We do advanced railway technology training base in Turkey. We have to increase the capacity of our training centers, to make them more qualified and better equipped. Let's not forget that not only our railroad trackers, but the world's railroads are now on us yol Sadece
Carrying out the transformation of the Eskişehir Warehouse Directorate to the ında Visual Training Center bulunan and the importance of the implementation of the YHT Training Center located in the Ankara West Gar complex as soon as possible, KARAMAN said that these are the things that nobody can imagine on the Training Boards of 10 years ago.
UM If our railways will be among the first 10 developed railroads in the world, this is not just an investment. It is our primary duty to plan the training leg simultaneously. An innovative generation of skilled laborers who use advanced information technologies, know the language, follow and implement developments in the world simultaneously, is the future of an innovative generation of railways. It is just as important as YHT projects. En
In this context, TCDD emphasized that being a major player in the national, regional and global scale should be able to compete in every field with world giants. . He said.

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