Modern Transportation Tram to Izmir

İzmir Contemporary Transportation Tramway Comes Again After Years: In addition to the development of the Aliağa-Cumaovası Suburban System as the Aliağa -Torbalı line in the first place, ALOSB, the candidate to be the largest industrial zone of the Aegean in the long term, the current system that ends in Aliağa in the north. (Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone), reaching Bergama, the ancient city of the Aegean, and Selçuk in the south, to develop the connection between Bergama - Selçuk and to connect the industrial and tourism areas with rail systems.
Contemporary Transportation Tram, After Years Re-
Within the scope of Transportation Master Plan, the development of high capacity, air pollution-free modern trolley systems was envisaged in order to eliminate the weight of municipal buses that provide public transportation in the traffic intensive main arteries. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which came to the last stage in the process of completing the structural transformation in public transportation, took action to reconstruct the tram system, which was turned off many years ago in the city, in a larger scale and much higher quality.
The Metropolitan Municipality will revisit the “tram nostalgia ediy to the people of İzmir. 5 will be a ”pleasant alternative içi for urban transportation in the modern tramways that will be operated on different lines.
For this purpose, between Alsancak-Fahrettin Altay Konak Tramway, Salhane Suburban station and Bornova Central subway station Bornova Tramway, Alaybey suburban station between İzmir Wild Life Park Karşıyaka The Buca tram was planned to carry out the public transportation in the narrow areas where there are dense historical structures including Buca and Buca line and finally the Urla Tram which will make transportation between Narlıdere Metro last station and Urla High Technology Institute. Modern trams will now fulfill the task of municipal buses, which are busy in these corridors.
* According to the project prepared by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, the tram will firstly integrate with the metro in Alsancak-F.Altay line and complete the sea transportation, and will greatly ease the traffic of Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard-city center.
* Another line where trams will work is Alaybey-Karşıyaka-Bostanlı-Wildlife Park will be composed of the route. This line Karşıyaka will meet the need for public transportation on the coast, as well as access to recreation cultural areas on the north axis.
* Narlıdere-Urla line, in the coming period will be integrated with the metro line, the completion of this tram line, Izmir's West and East ends will be connected to each other.
* The tram line designed between Ozan Albay Street - Haydar Aliyev Street Intersection - Bornova Square in Bornova will relieve the district traffic.
* The ring trolleys line that will operate within Buca will start working in the next service period.
In addition to complementary functions of the subway system, it will add richness to daily life in terms of its harmony with the urban fabric.

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