Izmir Reaches Trams

📩 29/11/2018 17:32

İzmir Reaches its Trams: Konak, which will be implemented to complement İzmir's metro system, and Karşıyaka Good news came from Ankara for tram projects. Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım stated that the approval process of 2 projects was completed and opened for signature at the Council of Ministers. The 13-kilometer Konak Tramway, which will serve between Fahrettin Altay Square-Konak and Halkapınar, costs 332 million lira, Alaybey- Karşıyaka-Mavişehir planned 10 kilometers Karşıyaka The tram will cost 259 million lira. 591 percent of the tram line expenditures, with a total investment amount of 25 million lira, will be financed by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's own resources, and 75 percent will be financed by foreign project loans without the Treasury guarantee. 10 tram projects entered in the National Development Plan, to be completed between the years of 2013-2018 in Turkey among transport investments.
No politics in service
Informing the Yeni Century about the approval process of the two tram projects that will greatly relieve the urban traffic of İzmir, Minister Yıldırım said, “These huge investments, which will cost 591 million lira, are already good and good luck to our fellow townsmen. As the ministry, we accelerated the approval process as much as possible and brought the projects to the Council of Ministers. The signatures are completed as soon as possible and the projects are started. In our understanding, there is no politics in service. Our main priority is to eliminate the transportation problems of Izmir residents. In line with the service-oriented policy approach of our party, we have done whatever it takes to make the tram projects come to life as soon as possible. Our government continues to embrace the issues of Izmir and the people of Izmir today, as it did yesterday ”.
Cheap and low cost
Konak Tramway, one of the tram projects that will be initiated after the signatures of the Council of Ministers, will be 13 kilometers long. The project, which will serve on the Fahrettin Altay Square-Konak-Halkapınar route, was planned with 19 stations and 21 vehicles. The total investment amount of the project will reach 332 million lira. Alaybey-Karşıyaka-Mavişehir will be implemented between Karşıyaka The length of the tram will be 10 kilometers. 16 million lira will be spent for the project that will serve with 17 stations and 259 vehicles. 591 percent of the two projects with a total investment amount of 25 million lira will be financed by the own resources of the Metropolitan Municipality, and the rest will be financed by foreign project loans without the Treasury guarantee. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality applied for the inclusion of both projects in the 11 investment program on March 2013, 2013.
Buses will decrease
With the realization of tram projects, public transportation on these lines will be carried out by tram lines instead of buses. Low-cost and fast-feasible tram lines will complement Izmir's metro system. With the start of tram transportation, the negativities such as traffic and air pollution caused by rubber-wheeled public transportation in the city will be eliminated to a large extent.
Starting from Üçkuyular Metro Station, the line extending from Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard to Atatürk Statue in Cumhuriyet Square, passing through Şehit Nevres Boulevard, behind Swissotel Büyük Efes, through the middle refuge on Montreux Square and Şair Eşref Boulevard and TMO silos It will reach Halkapınar Metro Station, following Şehitler Caddesi and in front of it.
Route to: Fahrettin Altay Square-Konak-Halkapinar
Distance: 13
Station: 21 pieces
Cost: 332 million pounds
Starting from Alaybey, it will come to Bostanlı Pier by the coast, then İsmail Sivri Sokak, Cemal Gürsel Caddesi, Şehit Cengiz Topel Caddesi, Selçuk Yaşar Sokak and Cahar Dudayev Boulevard and come to the Mavişehir Suburban Station next to İZBAN Çiğli Warehouse facilities.
Route from: Alaybey-Karşıyaka-Mavişeh is
Distance: 10
Station: 16 pieces
Cost: 259 million pounds


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