İzmir Integrated Bike Routes to Metro (Photo Gallery)

📩 29/11/2018 17:32

İzmir Integrated Bike Routes to the Metro: The healthy and environmentally friendly transportation vehicle has come to an end in the çevre Bike City Izmir Entegre project carried out by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in order to expand the urban use of the bicycle. Metropolitan, starting from January, between Mavişehir and İnciraltı Student Dormitories on the route between the 311 bike, 29 bike rental station and 439 private locked parking space begins to serve. Bicycle paths created on the coastline will be supported by vertical connection lines and the integration of bicycle users to public transport will be facilitated. When it comes to the permission of the Highways regarding the use of the port viaducts, the cyclist will have uninterrupted access along the coastline of 40.
The countdown has begun for bicycle parking stations, the first leg of the “Bicycle City Izmir“ project, and modern parking spaces, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will implement in order to encourage bicycle use. The 135 bike rental station will be established to provide service with 311 bicycles and 439 private locked parking on the route between the Mavişehir-İnciraltı Student Dormitories within the scope of the 29 kilometer bike path that will be established within the boundaries of the Metropolitan Municipality. On the same route, 350 personal bicycle parking is also included in the project to be integrated into public transportation systems. The project will be completed in January.
You can rent bikes with credit card and parking places from POS devices in KİOSKs at rental points. When the bike is returned to any station at the end of use, the charge will be charged to the credit card. Users who are members of the system will be able to rent a credit card with a password. Thanks to the information boards at which station the appropriate bicycle with empty parking information can be accessed.
Integration into mass transport
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has planned to increase the integration of bicycle users to public transportation systems by supporting the uninterrupted cycling routes created in the coastline with vertical connection lines. In this context, additional routes and parking spaces will be organized in order to provide bicycle access to places such as residential-business, social and cultural spaces, ferry ports, subway stations, terminals, social and tourism areas, shopping centers, university campus areas and marketplaces. There will be bicycle parking space on new ships that will be put into service. Bike ramps will be built for metro stations
Expected to allow for viaducts
Possible routes that will provide access to the main road of the coastal line and the city center from the district centers according to their geographical location; 34,2 km to the north line, east line 25,7 km, southeast line 20,4 km and south line 54,3 km was planned in four sections.
The 40 kilometer inner bay coastline cycling routes, which are designed, follow the existing bicycle path from Sasalı Wildlife Park to Mavişehir Fishing Shelter. Karşıyaka It will be rehabilitated within the Beach Recreation Area and reach Alaybey Shipyard. From Alaybey Shipyard BayraklıThe bicycle route that runs between the suburban line until Altınyol, Bayraklı Before the Marriage Office, the coastline will descend to the recreation area. Bayraklı The route that connects the Ferry Port and Turgut Özal Recreation Area, goes to Kordon after Alsancak Port, from there to the Fahrettin Altay Ferry Port and from İnciraltı City Forest on Bakü Boulevard with the continuous track. It will reach the Recreation Area.
Because of the inevitable use of the port viaducts between Alsancak Station and the Hybrid Recreation Area for the use of continuous bicycles, the Highways 2 for the detached bicycle path project prepared in accordance with all relevant standards and regulations. The permission of the Regional Directorate is expected.


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