Here is Bolunun Marmaray Project

Bolunun Marmaray Project: The multi-storey car park project, which is one of the radical projects that Bolu Municipality has begun to start, has a lot of features that will bring fundamental changes in urban life along with the car park area of ​​a thousand 500 vehicles and make life easier for people.
Mayor Alaaddin Yilmaz in the project introduced by the shop, where a shop can be made of the passages, from the marketplace to the car park part of the entrance and exit of a tunnel and the elderly and disabled people will remove the transportation problems. One of the most important details of the project, which is equipped with smart building technology, is the creation of a tunnel connecting pedestrians to the Municipality and the marketplace from the underground. The details of the tunnel work that Bolu analogy met with the Marmaray and important details of the crazy project where the Fırka Hill was eradicated Bolu Express'Ta!

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