Ilgaz Mountain Ski Resort | Snowfall hopes tourism tourists

Ilgaz Mountain Ski Resort | Umutlandırdı snowfall vocations: the important winter tourism centers of Turkey's reach centimeters of snow in 29 Ilgaz Mountain, umutlandırdı operators in the region.

3 29,6 snowfall in the city, which started days before and therefore continued at the ski resort in Ilgaz Mountain snow thickness reached 29 centimeters. Ferhat Karahan, the manager of a hotel in the ski resort, said in a statement, stating that there is a great potential for winter tourism in Ilgaz, they said they were hopeful about the ski season. Karahan stated that the snow thickness reached to 3 centimeters in certain parts of the ski center thanks to the ongoing rainfall. U We hope that the runways will be able to ski on Saturday. We expect that the season will continue until the end of March. Mart Karahan, the city is very active in the development of winter tourism is done, Ilgaz'ın 5-XNUMX said they believed that more tourists to host up to the year.