Jobs: TCDD Sivas 4. Plenty. Dir. 415. Road Maintenance Form of Labor

TCDD Sivas 4. Plenty. Dir. 415. Road Maintenance Form of Labor
Deadline: 27 December 2013
Release Date: 18 December 2013
General Terms and Notes
CANDIDATES WHICH ARE COMPLIED WITH THE REQUIREMENT REQUIREMENTS, OUR DIRECTORATE / BRANCH DIRECTORATE ON THE DOCUMENT IN 10 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THE ADVERTISEMENT. They can apply via İ ​​INTERNET ADDRESS. THE APPLICATION OF THOSE WHO MAKE THE DOCUMENTS ARE UNDERSTALLED OR THE DECLARATION WILL BE INVALID. THE RIGHTS OF THE INSTITUTION RELATED TO THE CANCELLATION OF THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS AND THE REQUESTOR PUBLIC INSTITUTION AND THE ORGANIZATION ARE RESERVED. ALL THE THOSE WHO ARE SUITABLE TO THE REQUIREMENTS AND THEIR PRIORITIES AND THEIR PRIORITIES ARE LIKE A DISCLOSURE WITH THE EXPLANATORY INFORMATION ON THE NAME AND ADDRESS AND THEIR STATUS. THE ORGANIZED INSTITUTION WILL DETERMINE THE ORDINARY EXAMINATION OF THE REQUEST NUMBER BY ORDERING THE COURSE WITH THE ORDINARY EXAMINATION THREE TIMES OF THE REQUEST. THE COURT WILL BE DRAWN ON 15.01.2014, AT 10:00 AM AT THE Notary public peace. CONTINUOUS (PERMANENT) OF PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS AND ORGANIZATIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED TO THE ADDRESSES REGISTERED IN THE ADDRESS-BASED POPULATION REGISTRATION SYSTEM. TURHAL 415 ROAD MAINTENANCE REPAIR / UNDERSTANDING TODAY (INJURED IN TERMS OF TERRORISM) GENERAL REQUIREMENTS TO BE WORKED TO BE WORKED TO BE WORKED TO BE WORKED IN A COMMUNICATION AND TO BE WORKED TO BE WORKED TO BE WORKED TO BE WORKED TO BE WORKED TO WORK IN A FIELD OF WORK, AND TO BE WORKED TO BE WORKED TO WORK IN A FIELD TO WORK IN A FIELD OF WORK AND TO BE WORKED TO WORK IN A FIELD, TO BE WORKED TO WORK IN A FIELD OF WORK AND TO BE WORKED TO WORK IN A FIELD OF WORK. It is required to have at least 1 year experience in road maintenance and repair works in rail systems in which it is carried out together. Candidates will document their work with the letter they will receive from the workplace, the SSK registration number and the service document with the SSK business registration number and the SSK service document. Experience must demand our desired candidates who apply, that document can not be held if the documents and records of rights by Turkey receipt of the application for the transport of Labor and Employment Agency will be notified that the necessary conditions to be accepted. 1- Notifications will be sent to the addresses of the candidates to be included in the list reported by İŞKUR. 2- The candidates to be included in the list reported by İŞKUR, to participate in the oral exam, on 3 with the documents requested above; Copy of identity card or registration form, with the Public Prosecutor's Office or e-government password Criminal record to be obtained from the address (court decision for those with a criminal record record) Educational certificate, Military service certificate (indicating that he is discharged, suspended or exempted), Former Convict Certificate (from the Public Prosecutor's Office), For Those Wounded Not to be Invalid in the Fight Against Terrorism (health board given to them by military hospitals) report and the command letter showing that he was injured in the fight against terrorism), his documents (there may be unapproved photocopies) and 1 illustrated Job Request Information Form (to be published on the website.) They will come and deliver. Candidates who do not submit their documents will not be admitted to the oral exam. 3- In case the candidates submitting documents are 4 times or less than the demand, there will be no drawing of lots in the presence of the Notary. 3- If the candidates who are in the final list and submit documents are more than 5 times the demand, those who will participate in the oral exam will be determined by drawing lots in the presence of the Notary Public on 3 at 15.01.2014:10.00. 6- The oral exam will be held on 21.01.2014 at 10.00:3 at the address of TCDD Enterprise General Directorate, Human Resources Department, Talatpaşa Bulvarı No: 7 Gar/ANKARA. 4857- The workers who will work in our organization will work subject to the Labor Law No. 4 and the trial period is 8 months. XNUMX- Take the oral exam kazanA Health Board Report will be requested from any of the full-fledged state hospitals or official university hospitals. In the health board report; Vision Degrees (right and left eyes are specified separately), Color Examination (ishihora test was done), Hearing examination was done (Audiometry result will indicate the pure tone average from how many meters he heard the whisper.) The health board report received, by the Regional Health Directorates of the Republic of Turkey State Railways Enterprise. The candidates will be examined in accordance with the General Directorate of Health and Psychotechnical Directive, and the candidates whose health conditions are not suitable will not be appointed. TO HAVE AT LEAST ONE (1) YEAR EXPERIENCE IN ROAD MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR WORKS IN RAIL SYSTEMS WHICH ARE CARRIED UP OF CARGO AND PASSENGER.
Profession Information
Profession Experience (Year) Learning Type
Railway Line Maintenance Repairer 1 Practical
Learning Information
Minimum Education Level
Higher Education Level Secondary Education (High School and Equilibrium)
Work Address Information
Other informations
Employer Type
Total Number of Open Business 1
Type of Contract: Indefinite Period (Permanent)
Mode of Study Trial Period

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