İDOBÜS is going on in history

📩 29/11/2018 17:36

İDOBÜS is history: Istanbul Sea Buses (İDO) decided to terminate İDOBÜS service. In the statement made by İDO; He stated that the İDOBÜS service, which started between Istanbul and Bursa in March 2012, was decided to be terminated as of January 2, 2014.
In the statement, which stated that it was not easy to take the decision to terminate, the following statements were made: “BUDO flights launched by the Municipality of Bursa as a competitor supported by the state did not leave us any other option. A service supported financially by the state on this route has prepared the ground for an unstable competition environment and the losses of IDO from the trips made on this route caused the operations to be terminated.
It was announced that İDO, which terminated the sea bus services between Istanbul and Bursa, will continue fast ferry services. It has been reported that İDOBÜS has carried approximately 2,5 million passengers so far.


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