Heavy-duty heavy maintenance output

Rapid train heavy maintenance output: High Speed ​​Train project, industry and industrial zone and heavy maintenance units appeared. The executives of the Chamber of Architects evaluated the project as deceiving the people.
High speed train complex will be built between Eryaman and Etimesgut. Heavy maintenance units and chemical storage areas came out behind the signs of the High Speed ​​Train Complex.
Eryamanlılar the project complained to the Chamber of Architects. Eryaman People's Solidarity and Eryaman residents attended the press conference held at the Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch. Reacting to the project, the Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch President Ali Hakkan said, arkas The project is located on an area of ​​1000 square meters starting from the back of the optimal shopping center, which includes the Etimesgut city center, close to the AOÇ borders. This area is a non-registered area that we want to register for the buildings which are in the form of a Room. The process is not new, we have previously filed cases in the same area. Now there is a gar complex project in the area. Here is an interesting headline, "High-speed railway station complex is being built on sugar factory land". It is not possible to talk about a gar complex in the sense that the project has been tendered. Again, we are faced with transportation planning.
An important field of appetite
Etimesgut, Eryaman line 90 years, was divided into a busy housing construction. At that time, this was an important decision for Ankara. Now you are trying to build a High Speed ​​Train heavy maintenance unit in the area where you create the housing texture. For many years, Melih Gökçek has projects in this area. The Ankara Chamber of Commerce had projects such as fairgrounds in the same area. Appetite is an important area. Now, to be carried out, industrial industrial structures vacuum-cleaning facilities, heavy-duty maintenance facilities where heavy machinery is processed. In terms of both noise and pollution, Etimesgut seems to be a project that will damage the city center. With the fact that the military area in front of the aviation school there will be evacuated, an area of ​​rent is established in the city center of Ankara. I wish Ankara had a participatory Mayor, he would come to the Chamber of Architects, and this is what kind of a field could be transformed. Brand project, such as crazy projects, such as the project they offer a project that will damage the center of Etimesgut are facing. Marka He said.
Ular Playing with the emotions of the people “
Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch Secretary General Tezcan Karakuş Candan said: anız If you make the transportation policy of Ankara's troubled high-speed railway station to the old city center, you will also have to make sub-maintenance units to the city center. There is no place for such a project in the city center anywhere in the world. This project is the result of improper transportation policy. We need the high-speed train, of course. But this is not a city center. Gar complex is going to do the fact is played with the emotions of the people. Our houses will be valued, with YHT people think that transportation will be easier. The government is marketing a possibility, and there is a lie about the possibility that the people's home will be valued and that they can reach quickly. We can say that a green area, which disrupts the life of the city, will open to construction and threaten the whole of Ankara. The discomfort of people living in Eryaman's health is deteriorating and he does not want to see a heavy metal stack opposite his home. We will follow this event that we care about in terms of urban policies. A gar complex should be built outside the city center. and it would be right to have a subway line to reach Eryaman. A Mayor who could not read the subway opened the wrong way for a wrong project that would bring the high-speed train's Gar complex into the city center. I hope that the local government and the government will not create a dump there with these wrong policies. ve
The room was not the only managers who reacted to the project. Eryaman people will be done, heavy maintenance units and industrial industrial structures are disturbed. Speaking on behalf of the Eryaman Solidarity Platform, İhsan Avşar said, i It is a fact that heavy maintenance centers will be installed in the notice boards in the form of high-speed train, gar complex. First level main maintenance workshops, ground wheel lathe units, washing unit, spare material depots, treatment units, 16 units, 33 pieces of railway line is being built. From iron pile to chemical pollution, there is a structure that will damage the environmental conditions. A large valley will be opened from the green field of Ankara to be built.
Hacı Özkan from Eryaman: c In the news in a newspaper, it is reported that the YHT station will be built between the current station and Talatpaşa boulevard and the tender has been completed. This project is finalized in 28 2012 tender in August. They put a high-speed gar complex sign on the area between Eryaman and Etimesgut, but this includes maintenance, repair, cleaning and chemical storage facilities. this is a public trick. The area is large enough to accommodate two Göksu parks. This area with green space should remain as green area. The ground water and ground will be contaminated by the signs and heavy chemical wastes, which means the right to life. The heavy maintenance unit and chemical storage unit are being set up to ignore the will of the people. 22 We invite you to a mass press release in December. People come out in eryaman and think that I will go to Istanbul with high speed train. We're in a fool. ”Used the expressions.

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