TCDD made a press statement about the high-speed train investigation

TCDD made a press release about the high speed train investigation: Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor Turan Çolakkadı made a statement on the news of some media outlets that “The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor pressed the button for a new operation”. "There is no new operation under the TMK in Istanbul," said Chief Prosecutor Çolakkadı about the operation, which was reported by Ergenekon prosecutor Muammer Akkaş in Istanbul.
Çolakkadı answered the question of whether the journalists in the courthouse had an operation under the TMK through his secretariat. "There is no such operation," Chief Prosecutor Çolakkadı said.
Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office made a statement, especially after the new operation claims circulating on social media. The explanation is as follows: It is carried out within the framework of the "confidentiality of the investigation" organized in article 157 of the Criminal Court Law of the Criminal Court Law, where the investigation was started by our Republic Prosecutor upon the notifications made regarding some tenders made by TCDD.
The statement included the following information: It was published under the heading "Bribery Everywhere" on the 25.12.2013st and 1th pages of the 6 edition of Cumhuriyet Newspaper, and regarding the file specified in the news content, " Those who violated the confidentiality of the investigation, although it is not understood how the information specified in the News was obtained, although the investigation was initiated by our public prosecutor's office, the investigation is still continuing, some information in the news content does not reflect the truth, the investigation carried out by our Chief Public Prosecutor's Office was conducted within the framework of the "confidentiality of the investigation" regulated in Article 157 of the Criminal Court Law. In terms of respect, it is announced with respect to the public that an investigation is initiated by our Chief Public Prosecutor's Office.
TCDD General Directorate made a statement on the subject. In the official statement made by the Authority, “In the news in question, some other names from our organization were included, including the TCDD General Manager, which is alleged to be suspicious, and statements were made about the investigation. No statement has been made from anyone of our organization until today. The legal rights of the employees of our Institution, whose names are put under suspicion, are reserved. expressions were used.



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