Kissing the police helmet in the high-speed train line protest counted sexual harassment

Kissing a police helmet during a high speed train line protest counted as sexual harassment: A female activist who kissed the police off her helmet during protests against the high-speed train line in Turin, Italy, was detained for 'sexual violence and insulting a public official'.
Franco Maccari, General Secretary of the Police Officers Union (Coisp), announced that he filed a criminal complaint against 16-year-old Nina De Chiffre, who kissed the police through the visor (glass) of his helmet at the action on November 20. "If it were the opposite, that is, if a police activist kissed a woman, the Third World War would have happened," Maccari said. "We are tired of these actions. Protest is a sacred business, but we cannot show flexibility if legal limits are exceeded, ”he explained.
Işt I wanted to make fun of the police, im De Chiffre said. I think we were successful. Sanırım De Chiffre, in his statement last month to La Repubblica'da in July, a woman was beaten by police officers in Pisa. My goal was to remind the police that Ama he said.
The police officer Salvatore Piccione, the other actor of the incident, said: “When I'm on my uniform, I'm representing the police agency. I've got to get some restraints. The important thing is that the action ended without a problem.

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