High Speed ​​Robbery claim made Cengiz Construction press release

Cengiz Construction made a press release for the claim of High Speed ​​Robbery: I was the Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cengiz İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. The information in the press about m High Speed ​​Robbery. is completely unfounded, unrealistic and intended for us.
The İnönü - Vezirhan - Köseköy part of the High Speed ​​Train Project has remained under our commitment as a consortium with Cengiz-IC İçtaş and Chinese CRCC-CMC companies with the tender held in 2006. To give some complementary information about this commitment;
• 720 Million USD loan (China (5) with no 20 year, with 2 fixed interest), which is provided from China Eximbank for this project, is one of the lowest cost loans ever brought from abroad.
• Contract unit prices are fixed on a US dollar basis and no price difference has been paid to date.
• As it is known during the construction of the work, the value of TL against the US dollar kazanAlmost all of our unit prices and main material inputs remained below the current market prices, however, the work continued.
• In this segment, which is one of the most critical and challenging routes for a High Speed ​​Train Project, no costs were avoided and the work was completed at the level of 99 in order to complete the work on time. .
As Cengiz İnşaat, we have been on the "Best International Contractors List" (ENR Top 225 International Contractors), which includes 225 companies every year, for the last 10 years. Contracting services abroad kazanIt should be accepted as a national issue due to its offensive nature. Today, if Turkish companies are ranked 2nd in the world in international contracting services and if we, as Cengiz İnşaat, can be among these Turkish companies, it should be considered a success for the country. We see our company's use as a tool in political fights, and the public wear and tear as a serious hindrance to the Turkish private sector.
Today, we are appreciated for our successes in our projects both in Turkey and abroad. We have always paid attention to the contractual obligations, technique and quality of the work we have done and in the projects we have carried out, and therefore we believe that we have left positive impressions in the companies we work and in the regions where we work.
With the modernization works and investments made to our factories and facilities which have not been invested in our country for years, our group has made it competitive with the most modern facilities of the world.
Our company is a large and powerful group running about 25.000 workers. All the projects we have realized are very clear in terms of physical and monetary terms. It is always inspectable and auditable. We have no accounts that cannot be given. No doubt that such intimidation will engage us more with our employees and will lead us to work harder.

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