The bill of fire at Haydarpaşa station was cut to two workers

The bill for the fire that broke out at Haydarpaşa station was cut by two workers: A lawsuit was filed against TCDD engineers Suavi Günay and Ayşe Kablan for "endangering the general security by negligence" and demanding a prison sentence of up to 1 year.
A contractor and two workers were sentenced to 10 months in prison for "causing a negligent fire" in connection with the fire that broke out during the renovation in the historical Haydarpaşa Station. The judge did not delay the sentence as the damage was not compensated and the crime was committed in serious negligence against a historic building.
Fire in the roof of the Haydarpaşa station after the fire brigade, Supervisory Board, Prosecutors and court experts, including the 4 separate report taken in the fire, electrical contact, insulation material heating and workers out of a non-extinguished cigarette butt was caused by the 3 was said to be possible.
14 months after the prosecutor's investigation of the fire in the allegations of sabotage and delinquency, while the roof Zafer Ateş and Hussein Dogan employees who work in isolation and the owner of the company that conducts the isolation work Ihsan and Hussein Kaboglu 'blame to give rise to fire' charges up to 1 year, TCDD engineers Suavi Günay and Ayşe Kablan, who were charged with ve endangering general security UM on charges of imprisonment for up to 1 years.
Decision output
Anatolia 8. The 4 separate report in the case file of the Magistrates' Court, 3, was concluded yesterday. The court gave Hüseyin Kaboğlu and the workers Zafer Ateş and Hüseyin Doğan the 1'er year of imprisonment on charges of causing a fire in general and endangering general security with a cavalry. This penalty was reduced to 10'ler month due to the best cases of the defendants. The judge did not postpone the punishment because the damage was not met and the offense was committed with serious negligence against a historical building.

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