What will be Haydarpasa Station

What will happen to Haydarpaşa Train Station: I am sure there are many people who wonder about the future of the historical Haydarpaşa Train Station. The last train arrived a few months ago, evacuating its passengers and stopping as a decor on platform 1. I am writing with peace of mind as I go for a few evenings. It is cleaned every day, even if there are no passengers or the train does not come. Stairs, waiting rooms, toll booths; In short, everywhere is clean. It is certain that the TCDD regional director and the station manager, who continued his work there, loved Haydarpaşa like his child. Very interesting, the historical restaurant in the station, the cozy barber shop and the toilet with the sea are still in service. Sorry, there is also a buffet on the beach. City Lines in Karaköy-Kadıköy The ships making their voyage stop by Haydarpaşa in the morning and evening. People who leave their cars in the nearby parking lot are crossing these ships. For almost 100 years, people have been playing gin and ball in the place where hundreds of people pass by at all hours of the day. Of course, this desolation breaks the hearts of those who have Haydarpaşa memories like me. Who knows how many thousand Anatolian people saw the sea for the first time on the stairs of Haydarpaşa Train Station? Is there anyone who does not get a relative from Haydarpaşa Train Station to Ankara Express or Kurtalan Express? There are so many people who send their relatives to the country with tearful eyes and their son to the military… You know that there was only a train in the past. Even the history of buses is 40 years old. Those who got on the plane were pointed with a finger. I know very few people in Istanbul who don't say 'Welcome' or 'Goodbye' on the platform. In short, the historical Haydarpaşa Train Station is a memorial store. This is why it is an indispensable set of Turkish movies. Haydarpaşa appears more or less in every movie.
Even if an official is out,
I felt like it the other day, I attended the event organized by Haydarpaşa Railway Employees Platform every Thursday evening. As they always did, they protected Haydarpaşa Train Station, where they had worked for years and retired, from someone (as if). They sat for about three hours behind the banner that read "No to Privatization and Liquidation Law." What they say is: “Haydarpaşa Train Station is ours. It is not unattended. We never forget him. We will not give foreign capital loans. We will not allow hotels, restaurants. We want to see the trains here as before. Again, let Istanbul be the first gate opening to Anatolia. Even the high-speed train stops here and goes to Europe. Let Haydarpaşa Station be the most important stop on the way from Beijing to London. "
Very interesting, I got different answers when I asked anyone about the future of the historical station. Some said, "Only one train will come symbolically every day." “Suburban trains departing from Tuzla will also come to Haydarpaşa. A very stylish cafeteria will be built on the roof floor. Platforms will also change completely. There are also those who say “Restaurant will become a cafeteria”… Of course, those who say “After the second floor there will be a hotel”…
Some well-meaning people claim that it will be a 'museum and palace of culture'. As a result, I could not learn from anyone what will happen soon Haydarpaşa Train Station. Because nobody has precise information. Perhaps the final decision has not been made. The land of Haydarpaşa Train Station is very large. It also has a share on the beach. It is being considered along with it. If an official appeared, but gave information about Haydarpaşa Train Station, which Turkish people love very much.

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