President assurance to drivers

Assurance to the drivers at the headquarters of the President: KarşıyakaTaxi dolmuşçılar, by providing support to them, their routes remain the same Mayor Cevat Durak hosted breakfast.
President Durak, in the visit to the taxi drivers who expressed concerns about whether the project will interfere with the work of taxi drivers, giving information about the project, "opening new lines, you will not have trouble," he said.
Who wants to thank him Karşıyaka-Mavişehir line taxi stop dolmuşçılarını President Durak did not break, crisp-cheese breakfast was met with surprise. Karşıyaka At the stop next to the ferry port, the taxi dolmusçılar breakfast with the President Durak, the tram project to work to prevent damage to the taxi dolmuşlarını said.
President Durak emphasized the fact that the inhabitants of the area were careful not to be harmed by this project. When the tram starts, transportation on the beach will be very easy. After the opening of this line, we have prepared a project to prevent damage to our taxi minibuses running on the same line. You will be prevented from being harmed by introducing different lines. Farklı
Stating that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is preparing new coastal plans, Durak said that taxi drivers will always take care of them and said, öncelikle First of all, you need to consult with our municipality in the works you want to do. Taxi stops are placed in some of our districts. Karşıyaka As the municipality, we are always ready to help. “
In past problems Karşıyaka Mayor Cevat Durak claimed that they have taken care of them and said, “We have been taking bread to our house from here for years. The disappearance of our lines makes us all unemployed. KarşıyakaWe are doing an important job in Turkey, we are always in the service of our citizens “he expressed.

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