Female captain of İZBAN machinists

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Female captain of İZBAN mechanic:
Three years ago, the Ministry of Transport and the Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with the Izmir Suburb Operation (İZBAN) from the expedition plans to the working hours of the engineer is a woman organizes all working traffic.
İZBAN Traffic Control Manager Ayfer Uslu, expert captains Ogetay Maraz and Murat Efe with the 43 train set safe and minute movement for sweat pouring.
Uslu uses the Şirinyer-Alsancak line every day, usually in the railway sector where men work, not only the timely movement of trains, but also the emergency situations in the stations, the moments of crisis and the working arrangements of the mechanic. Of course, he admits there are difficulties, but he's happy to be able to combine coolness with women's meticulousness. We look at İZBAN and the railway sector as a woman in the eyes of Uslu.
Let's get to know
I graduated from Anadolu University Civil Aviation and Management. I was on 17 year airway. İZBAN board I passed the railway. I was a traffic manager there. I was supposed to be productive here. Izban the longest railway in Turkey was a unique practice. That's why I learned it here. I have similarities and differences since I come from the transportation sector. First of all, you provide comfortable and safe transportation. The second important goal is punctuality. As the Traffic Control Center, we are trying to provide them. We are currently managing the 43 train set. I hope this number will increase.
How does one day go?
This is 24 hours open. We work on shifts with our experts and chefs. It's even more meticulous during peak hours. We especially follow our crowded stations on cameras. We exchange ideas for measures. We are interested in the needs of our machinists, working hours, shift programs. In addition, the end of the day after the 01.30, maintenance, sets to be sent to the wash, the stations will remain in the morning, the morning how to exit the morning shift is scheduled.
Very serious coordination
Sometimes you have to make instant decisions. The way you believe it is the right decision. We are trying to manage traffic with State Railways (FDI). They usually use the signaling system. Here, we determine the operation of the traffic, our tariffs, the working conditions and hours of our mechanics.

The toughest times
In extreme rain and fog, of course, there is also a speed limitation due to the limitation of vision, but the voyages are not disturbed. In such weather we are the safest way of transportation. Areas of crisis crisis situations. They also cause the crash of the signal system, even the failure of a train and the external factors that will cause disruption to our flights. These are unfortunately cases of suicide. In those moments we have to perform a very intense performance here. We try to avoid the traffic by trying to victimize people in the least way. When the line is switched on, we are also having difficulties when the cables are stolen and the signal system is damaged.
Initially there were complaints
In general, there is no problem even without a problem in our tariff. We see that the majority of initial complaints turn into satisfaction. We are able to perform our daily 193 flight on time. Our passenger density is great. The number of passengers we carry is above our expectations. Daily carry 230 thousand passengers. Our goal is 550 bin. The 80 station will be added to our current 6 kilometer, and the length will find the 130 mileage. After all, special arrangements will be made so that there is no problem.
He's using it himself
I use Şirinyer, one of the busiest stations every day. Great comfort for me. We had to drive traffic when Alsancak Station closed. We are able to see the user as a malfunction, but our alternate auditing shifts do regular checks.

Top Topics
We want to increase the frequency during very busy times, but unfortunately, our signal system can not remove the density at this time, we can arrange 10 once per minute. There is a search for a new system in DDY. If this arrangement occurs, this time can be pulled down.
Women in crisis
We are trying to pay attention to the details. I guess my meticulousness works. We have trouble with the reasons we don't have, but you have to be cool. You feel a stress on you because the difficult moments await us in times of crisis. Our system continues its way with each passing day.
Does your family complain
I've been used to the shifts since I've been working on shifts for a long time. I can say that I haven't done it for years. It is inherent in the transport sector.
Odor in sets
We worked hard on him. Probably because of the material used in the sets, the smell was said to be new. Indeed, we observed a decrease in use, but the exact cause could not be determined.

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