Eurasia Rail World's Largest 3 Fair

Eurasia Rail World's Largest 3 Fair
Next Exhibition Date: 06-08 March 2014
Organizer: Türkel Fuarcılık AŞ.
Location: Istanbul Expo Center (IFM), Istanbul, Turkey
Simultaneous Activities: Seminars & Conferences
Supporters: Republic of Turkey and Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry, Republic of Turkey State Railways TCDD
TOBB, the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey KOSGEB Small and Medium Enterprises, Development and Support Administration
Regulation Frequency: Organized once a year.
Hallway: Main Foyer, 9, 10, 11
Visiting Hours: 10: 00-18: 00
Visitor Fee: Free for online registration and invitation only for professional visitors.
Trade name: Eurasia Rail-3. Railway, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair
Exhibition Date: 07-09 March 2013
Simultaneous Activities: Seminars & Conferences, Yenikapı-Taksim Site Trip
Location: Istanbul Expo Center (IFM), Istanbul, Turkey
Total gross m2: 17.000 m2
Hallway: Main Foyer, 9, 10, 11
Total Number of Participants: 287 (170 Foreign & 117 Domestic)
Total Number of Visitors: 17.920 (3.026 Foreign & 14.894 Domestic)
Regulation Frequency: Organized once a year.
PARTICIPANT COUNTRIES (Total 25 countries)
Germany, USA, Austria, Belgium, UAE, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, China, Denmark, France, Croatia, India, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Turkey and Ukraine.
VISITOR COUNTRIES (Total 67 countries)
Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Georgia, Great Britain, Iran, Italy, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Czech Republic, Iraq, Lithuania, Kosovo, Argentina, Greece and Turkey ...
Railway Technologies
Wagon Interior
Railway Infrastructure
Public transport
Heavy industry
Shipping Information Technologies
Freight Traffic Logistics by Rail
Construction Technologies
Public institutions
Railway Organizations
Railway Companies
Railway Technology Firms
Electrification Firms
Signalization Companies
Railway Security Companies
Railway Contracting Companies
Construction Companies
Construction Materials Firms
Railway Logistics Companies
Heavy Industry Firms
Related Associations
All Related Sectors
Country Railways
Local and Foreign Municipalities
Heavy Industry Firms
Construction Companies
Domestic & International Media
Local & International Financial Institutions
Engineering & Consulting Firms
Railway Vehicle & Equipment Wholesalers
Military Organizations
Technology Organizations
Electrical & Signaling Organizations
Infrastructure Organizations
Spare Parts Manufacturers
For more information, please contact us:
Wire: + 90 212 284 23 00 90 212 278 44 02 XNUMX XNUMX
To participate in the fair: the contact@eurasiarail.e
To visit the fair: the visitors@eurasiarail.e



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