Erdogan: Western fast train riding my citizens why not ride

Erdogan: Western fast train ride my citizens why not ride: Manisa in the center, sports and young people in the district about the great investments they made Erdogan, new hospitals, health clinics built, hospitals equipped with new devices, 3 bin 726 completed the residence and handing over to the Manisa said.
Stating that 2002 kilometers were built in the city until 76, Erdoğan said that they increased this network by 5 times, increasing the length of the road to 376 kilometers, and that Manisa deserves the high-speed train.
Referring to recent developments, Erdogan said:
“Do you know what this has been done for? high-speed trains in Turkey ... What you're doing is being done or why the high-speed train? Go with the katar. You used to have a black train, now go like that. They want this. We also say that the Western is getting on the high-speed train, why should my citizen not take it?
Here is Eskişehir-Ankara, now Istanbul connection is being made. Here is Marmaray, it works. Ankara-Konya, Konya-Eskişehir works. Turkey with all this, I hope we will eg with high-speed rail network. You know, it takes place in the 10th Anniversary March, it says 'we knit with iron nets'. What happened? So, is there anything done after Gazi Mustafa Kemal? Is there anything done to us? So many CHP governments came, what did you see? MHP came and what did you see? These are not troubled, they are not what they will do. We are troubled, in love with this nation. "
"You have to be honest"
Explaining that the rise above the level of Muassır civilizations would be by execution but not as AK Party, Erdoğan stated that the construction between Ankara and Afyonkarahisar continued rapidly, they would start the construction of Afyon-Uşak between the Uşak and Manisa-İzmir tender soon.
Erdogan, the Ankara-Izmir High Speed ​​Train project with a total of 641 kilometers as soon as possible between Ankara-Manisa reported that they will drop under three hours.
Pointing out that İZBAN was built by the municipality, not by the municipality, Erdoğan said:
“We brought İzmir the unique rail system project envied by the world. We decided to extend this system to Manisa. I hope we are implementing it as soon as possible. Manisa-Bandırma railway is a 150-year-old railway. Turkey is the second railway line laid in the earth passing through. As we have renewed these roads and changed the rails that have not touched for 100 years, we are now making this line electrified and signaled until Bandırma.
We take the railway that passes through the city center of Akhisar out of the city with an 8-kilometer variant. We are now carrying the cargo of Western Anatolia from Manisa to Western Europe in 4,5 days as a block. Thus, we made Manisa the center of transportation and logistics. On the other hand, we have implemented large-scale projects such as Gördes Dam and Aşağı Gediz Project. We brought Manisa together with historical works and services in energy, industry, agriculture and all other fields. You gave us authority and entrust. We have been in a struggle to use that authority, that trust, and to give the right to our duty. I'm asking, for God's sake, what will this CHP come and say around here? He will say, do we manage this metropolitan city better? MHP will say, do we manage this metropolitan city better? You were against the capital city in the Parliament, now with what face will you say this? Need to be honest, honest.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 17:49

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