Erbaada Rail System Route Determined

Erbaada Rail System Route Determined: Erbaa Mayor Ahmet Yenihan, expressing the route is specified in the rail system studies, "the first route is between the Tepeşehir-New Hospital and the length is about 5 kilometers," he said.
In Erbaa district of Tokat, the Erbaa Municipality has made great progress in the feasibility studies of the rail system transport which is intended to be established. Erbaa Mayor Ahmet Yenihan, along with Municipal Council members Kemal Bayraktar, Murat Toycan Selcuk, Erbaa Municipality, Science Affairs, Environment and Control, Zoning and Urban Planning Directorate personnel, including the General Manager Galip Sukaya Kaizer Engineering Company and the company's technical staff with Erbaa Park Valley meeting met in the hall. After the presentation about the preliminary studies, President Yenihan stated that they will form the near, middle and far projections of the Erbaa urban transportation system, which is the first stage of the rail transportation system. Uk The first route that we determined in the route works is between Tepeşehir and Yen Hospital and its length is about 5 km, uk said President Yenihan, who stated that they intend to complete the works for the determination of the data of the rail transport system for Erbaa. In this route, we expect six stations and two transformer buildings. Accordingly, we will start to determine the approximate costs for the first stage. We are very excited to perform a first with this service we will do on the base of the district in our country and we are working to realize this project without saying day and night. De

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