The most interesting complaints of BRT

The most interesting metrobus complaints: Every day, hundreds of thousands of people using the metrobus is not known to end the complaints. Interesting complaints from citizens reveal the situation of metrobuses.
The traffic problem of Istanbul is known to everyone… Citizens “spend a lifetime” on the road, especially during the departure and return hours. The metrobus line, which was put in place to solve the problem on the busiest highway of the city, E-5, turns into torture because of heavy use.
Xnumx's percent of the population of Turkey where citizens use the Metrobus in Istanbul, as well as a series of quick transportation advantages also experiencing difficulties. At the beginning of these, no doubt the density of vehicles. Even in some cases it is impossible to get on the metrobus from the station. Although the problems experienced in the metrobüste social media jokes, even though the citizens of the media to announce their voices are using different media.
The messages coming to also reveal the importance of the problem. Some citizens, metrobus waiting for the period of rebellion, some of the ler struggle ık during the struggle to break the hair un also in the complaints of the driver in the course of eating nuts, women, sürel special attention sürel to be shown in the women are included. Here are some interesting complaints:
Çiğdem B: What results did I get from my previous posts. But believe that every day passes even shorter journeys, fights noises riots injuries kısa The journey is completely inhuman. People who are intertwined and strung together. There is a small example of the way my hair straddled in the effort of riding another traveler when I was riding the metrobus in the morning trip. Every day this kind of damage occurs and I will continue to photograph and send.
Behlül K: When it is first opened to public transportation, the metrobus that goes from Avcılar to Topkapı in 30 minutes is currently waiting for the citizen Mustafa Kemal Pasha to get on the metrobus only. There are as many people accumulating as a number of soldiers in a division. We want a solution.
Dursun Ali S: Tonight: 02: In 09, I got on a metrobus from Avcilar to Zincirlikuyu metrobus station. I'm standing and the driver asked me to go back. There is no place to go in the vehicle; at the next stop. Still told me and the BRT moved. After 3 went off the meter stopped and took a female passenger to come back. He wouldn't get back if he wasn't a passenger. That lady stopped right by the driver. He didn't say go back to the lady, like he told me. I condemn such disrespectful and discriminating drivers.
Banu Betül T: On the way from Zeytinburnu to Zincirlikuyu, I noticed that the driver constantly leaned and took something from the ground when I was on a vile metrobus. Then, when I looked carefully, I saw that the driver took nuts from the bag on the floor and broke it on the steering wheel. Meanwhile, instead of looking at the road, he was busy breaking the hazelnut. We do not have life safety even in the Metrobus.
… INDIM AMA I'm not relaunch ““
Sercan G: I was on the Metrobus from Küçükçekmece in 06.03.2013. Of course, I travel as usual. At the Paradise stop, I waited for people to get off and then to ride again right next to the door. However, as soon as the people had landed, the driver closed the door and moved away. Even though he saw me near the door, he wouldn't let me ride like a joke. How beautiful are you with the nation!
Zehra T: From Uzunçayır metrobus station, going down the stairs to go to Kartal direction, as a result of the passing of metrobus from the top, there was muddy water accumulated all over us. How many people are soaked by the muddy water that they become victims. As the winter months are coming, we would like to make sure that we do not repeat this situation by providing an urgent solution.
AD They've reduced the divine Z “
Demirtunç C: Today, the driver on the metrobus deliberately shut the door on an aunt who was trying to get on the bus calmly. When the aunt screamed dearly, he opened the door, but reprimanded the aunt after he closed the whole bus. Please give the necessary warning and punishment. It could be our mother, our grandmother. Let the elders, the human being.
Emre B: I'm disgusted every time I get to the upper handles in the metrobuses. Metrobus has probably never changed. How many million people have the dirt in the dirt.
They say it's disinfected. I recently e-mail and I called both the caller called the line of complaint, they'll give you information but no sound. And the driver's sudden take-offs and postures make a man crazy.
Aydın B: Let's consider an area of ​​100 meters long. Even though no vehicle comes from behind, it stops at the end. Elderly people are trying to catch up in fast sweat, but can't catch up. Tired argin turns on this time the other vehicle is running towards him. It's a complete torment for old people. Metrobus should stop where it should be written warnings about it.
Selim G: Elderly people, disabled people, women, families with children cannot stand up or even get on the metrobus. People are brutally crushing. It is IETT that puts people in such a “seat warrior passenger” category, putting the number of flights inadequate. I deplore. A service can be turned into such a disaster.

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  1. Please take into consideration, it was the event that I lived last night ... The daytime is not just about emptying the metrobuses by saying that there is a technical problem, the metrobus security last night I got off at the Hadımköy stop and I saw that I was alone, the two young people pointed to each other and started to wait because the escalators were broken, I walked quickly a two security olmazmı always daytime running these people will be always güzdüz my time measures please these days and tomorrow is always this kind Do not ignore me this complaint may be thief may be rapists Turkey real reason for çıkartmıyormuyuz a lesson from Olaya is going on by them all these reasons, particularly at night can not be increased at this hour security events will happen as long as we do not take action, thanks