Double Decker

Double-storey barrier: If you remember, I brought up the transportation problem of disabled people last week.
I have written and reflected the complaints about the free transportation cards and free transportation from Marmaray.
TCDD, which operates Marmaray, announced that they started an effort to ensure that citizens with disabled cards can benefit from Marmaray free of charge. After this news, I received many messages from disabled Istanbul residents. “Double-decker buses are also not free. Moreover, they said that double-decker buses do not have a 50% discount as in Marmaray ”...
Okay but why? I passed this question to IETT yesterday. Edi According to the regulation not to pass the disabled access card on the double deck, yetkililer the officials said, adding that the IMM will make a statement on this issue today. Let's see if the GOD will be a good news.

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