Ankara does not want chemical care facility

Ankara does not want a chemical care facility: Eryaman People's Solidarity and the Ankara residents opposed the chemical repair and maintenance facilities that were started to be built on the grounds of the YHT Station. 300 Ankara will destroy the green area and will produce chemical wastes to poison the plant to protest the facility, Ankara residents underlined that the heavy chemical wastes will contaminate the ground and pollute the ground water and air.
Eryaman People's Solidarity with the citizens of Ankara, against the citizens of Etimesgut Sugar Factory. Eryaman People's Solidarity, which organized a mass press release in front of maintenance and chemical storage facilities under construction with the participation of the citizens living in other regions of Ankara, protested the facility to destroy the green area of ​​300 acreage and to poison the region with its chemical waste. Solidarity also reacted to deliberate misrepresentation of the project. Previously it was announced that the YHT Gar Complex will be built on the sugar factory site and signs in this direction have been hung on the construction site and it was understood that the project was actually heavy maintenance facilities with the start of construction works.
Eryaman People Solidarity, which made a press statement in the construction site together with the citizens of Ankara and democratic mass organizations opposing urban rent, drew attention to the effect of heavy maintenance and chemical storage facilities to be made to the sugar factory. Underlining that heavy chemical wastes will contaminate groundwater and air by mixing with soil, Solidarity will reduce the value of housing in the region, which will lead to noise and video pollution, and emphasize that a large green area that will breathe into the city at the same time will disappear. Remaining that the maintenance and storage facilities in Eskişehir, another city where YHT network is passing, were built out of the city, Solidarity called the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD to find a similar solution and prevent pollution in the city and housing area.
Maintenance Facility Signage game
Signs announcing the construction of the YHT Gar Complex were placed in front of the sugar factory land between Eryaman and Etimesgut. However, the main function of the construction site, the YHT gar building of the real land to be understood was revealed. When it was discovered that the YHT terminal would be built near the TCDD Train Station, it was found that the sugar factory land was reserved for a huge facility, including the 16 building and the 33 railway line, including heavy maintenance units and chemical storage areas. Following the understanding of the main content of the project, the Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects of TMMOB also objected, and the authorities had decided to build a maintenance facility in a densely densely populated area.

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