Reduced card lit his head!

Discount card burned his head: Istanbul metro 4 person with a discount card to spend the damage to the municipality 4.9 TL damage to the municipality was requested 7 years of imprisonment. The security guard, who did not accept the accusation, said, "I did not provide any financial benefit, I only did it to help."
Sinan Y., a private security officer at the metro station in Esenler Bus Station, was tried in court when he passed 4 with a discount card.
Istanbul Transportation Inc.'s 4.9 was reported to have caused the damage in the case of Sinan Y. According to the indictment prepared by the Istanbul Public Prosecutor's Office, Sinan Y. (7) from other provinces to Istanbul and where you do not know where to get some people with a discount card was claimed to have passed the transition. Istanbul Transportation Inc., conducting research on this, the security officer Sinan Y. 22'ler this way, 3 citizens with their own card has determined that the tourniquet. With these irregular transitions, Istanbul Transport Inc. has claimed that the company suffered a loss of 4 penny of full 4. lawyers filed a criminal complaint against Sinan Y.
Sinan Y., who received the statement within the scope of the investigation, denied the charges. Sinan Y. stated that similar incidents occurred frequently on IETT buses, and said: Bunu I do not have any inferences and interests. As an employee in formal wear, it is absolutely not possible for me to make a commercial transition for this purpose. Resmi
However, the prosecutor's office completed the investigation about Sinan Y. Pursuant to Article 5, he filed a bill of indictment for ”misuse of trust e with imprisonment of up to 155 years. The trial of Sinan Y. will start in the Istanbul Criminal Court of First Instance in the coming days.


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