DİSK Protests Flood on Korean Railway Workers

DİSK protested the raids on Korean Railway Workers: DİSK Chairman Kani Beko stated that there are events closely related to workers in South Korea.
Turkey's Revolutionary Workers Unions Confederation (DISK), South Korea railways strike to protest the crackdown against the privatization of the union members made a press statement in front of the Consulate General of South Korea.
DİSK Chairman Kani Beko said that there are events in South Korea that are closely related to the workers of the whole world and that they are here to support the struggle of Korean workers and to protest the persecution against them.
Beko, who reminds that Korean railway workers went on strike to oppose the privatization of state railways, said, ler The Korean government has declared the strike illegal in contravention of ILO conventions. First, 7 dismissed one thousand workers and issued an arrest warrant for Railway Union executives. Then 5 arrested the 130 trade unionist by pressing the headquarters of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Korea in an operation involving a thousand police. Ardından
Beko emphasized that the South Korean government waged war against its own people.
“On the one hand, it opens the people's savings to plunder with privatizations, on the other hand it usurps the union rights of the workers. If the South Korean government invites Korean workers to fight, it's our acceptance of their invitation, that fight will happen wherever workers are. Our actions similar to today's will continue in front of the Korean representation offices. Korean workers show that unionism is not just a wage bargain, but also claiming the people's savings and public services. We will not leave them alone in their struggle. "
Beko, who stated that the Confederation of Trade Unions of Korea has not stepped down, said, ı 28 is preparing a general strike on December. A strike will be held not only on railways but in all sectors.
The Confederation will use its power from production to protect railways and railways as a whole. It is an example of class solidarity by Korean workers. Korean workers teach us to resist, teach solidarity. We warn the Korean government. Immediately release the detained trade unionists!
Remove barriers to trade union activities! Cancel the railway privatization. Demiryolu




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