1 million 200 thousand passengers on target in Ankara metro lines

1 million passengers in Ankara metro lines: 200 thousand passengers: Ministry of Transport, General Director of Infrastructure Investments Metin Tahan, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's first test drive Boluik-Sincan metro and scrutinized the Red Crescent-Çayyolu metro station visited the press.
Tahan, Sincan-Batikent and Cayyolu-Kızılay lines, giving information about, ray 324 vehicle rails with the time range will pull the 2 minutes. In this way, we will reach the 1 million 200 thousand passengers in the metro lines in Ankara '.
Sincan-Batıkent line in early January, the Çayyolu-Kızılay line will be in February and Keçiören-Tandoğan line will be in service in the 2014 year, Tahan said, UM Our construction works will be finished at 28 March 2014. The electromechanical and signal system had to end at the end of the 29 year, and we pulled it one year ahead. In April 2014 the first set of tools would come and we pulled this full 2014 months forward. This is a miracle. Bu
15.5-22 23 11 7-long distance can be completed in the minute, said Tahan said, "6.5 16.5 station on the Xinjiang line is located on the surface and the journey takes place on the surface of the 11 kilometers," he said. Tahan emphasized that the Çayyolu-Kızılay line is completely underground and said: ve 24 station has a length of XNUMX and XNUMX station is located in this line and citizens can comfortably complete their journey in minutes. UM
Metin Tahan stated that the vehicles are equipped with the latest technology, and the commercial operating speed is 80 km / h.
Ecek Thanks to electronic equipment systems and cameras, the mechanics will be able to see and monitor all passengers and cabins. In a negative case, any passenger in the vehicle will be able to talk. Our vehicles were larger than 12 centimeters from Marmaray and a green technology was used in brake systems.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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