Trams commenced the test drive from China

The test drive of the tram brought from China will begin: The first of the 5 trams that Samsun Metropolitan Municipality bought from China after Italy was brought to Samsun Çarşamba Airport by Russian cargo plane. The 39-meter-long tram was loaded into trucks in 2 parts and delivered to the warehouse area of ​​Samsun Transportation Inc. The tram, which was brought under intense security measures, was lifted by cranes and lowered to the rails. It was learned that the test drive of the tram will start after the preparations are completed.
The Metropolitan Municipality, which wanted to meet the increasing passenger demand in the Samsun Light Rail System Project, which was put into service 3 years ago, decided to purchase 16 more trams in addition to the 5 trams it previously bought from Italy. China's CNR company, which won the tram construction tender held last year, sent its first tram to Samsun. It was decided to make the delivery by plane, which was previously planned by ship but was abandoned due to the Haiyan typhoon in the Far East. The tram, which was brought to Samsun Çarşamba Airport with the 3-meter-long Russian cargo plane Antonov An-88 Mriya 225 days ago, was unloaded from the plane as a result of meticulous work and loaded on trucks in 2 parts. The arrival of the trams from the airport to the city under heavy security measures at midnight was reflected in the lenses. Trucks carrying the tram came to Samsun Transportation INC. Warehouse area. The tram parts that are lifted with the help of cranes and started to be placed on the rails will be combined and test drives will begin within a few days.
According to the information received from Samulaş AŞ officials, 2 tram will be brought to Samsun until the new year and the remaining 2 delivery is planned to be made after the New Year. Officials say the number of trams will reach 4 with the remaining 21 tram coming into service after the test drives and will meet the passenger density and increasing demand to some extent.

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