Crazy project, not craze

Not a crazy project, but a catastrophic craze: ISTANBUL has become a city of water while it was a city of water. Political moves have always been a factor in this journey.
3. bridge, 3. The settlement project in the context of the airport and Kanal Istanbul is the most dire last three link.
When we look at when and how the projects are going through, we are witnessing a great lawlessness, and ignoring city and regional planning science.
There is no point in opening a case in the last period. These projects are continuing with the decisions of the judges and the expert reports.
Prof. at Yıldız Technical University Dr. Betül Sengezer's work on the Channel Istanbul project reveals the situation.
The area of ​​Kanal Istanbul project is 30 thousand hectares. In other words, half of all the settled area of ​​Istanbul has been declared as a project area by the decision of the Council of Ministers.
The cost of this crazy project is called 10 billion dollars, but there is no feasibility in the middle. That's where the money is coming from, and that's a question mark.
Both Panama and the Suez Canal are on the axis of world sea transit. These channels shorten the distance and reduce the total cost of transporting 40 a thousand kilometers.
Channel Istanbul, which is an 47 kilometer in length, will not reduce transport costs. Why are you doing it?
It is said that ağ the vessels will not wait in the channel in Istanbul, they will pass the path, this is a significant cost loss, we will reduce it Den.
However, when we look at the pictures in the Panama Canal, we see the tankers waiting in line.
Let's assume that tankers have passed through the new channel, what are we going to do with the Dardanelles? Then are we going to open up an alternative to him? Will the tankers wait there?
If you look over this channel, you will need an 3-5 bridge. Are they considered within this cost? I do not think so.
You also have an international agreement like Montreux. In this context, will the other nations accept to be paid in the other channel? This can create legal problems at the international level. What will you do if Russia says ”I don't? Orum after making so much investment. Why would the man carry the tankers after they've been charged so much?
You're saying that I'm going to use the Bosphorus for a regressive purpose. But we are looking at the plans, around the Küçükçekmece Lake sports areas, such as reactive areas, etc. have given functions. You contradict yourself.
There is evidence that the ecology of the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara will change completely if the channel is built in Istanbul.
All of these problems should be examined separately and feasibility reports should be made. There's no report. Is this the way of management?
This is a region where the state has a lot of land. These are given to some construction companies via TOKI revenue sharing method. Constructions are currently underway.
Until now, the problem of severe damage and transboundary structures in Istanbul could have been solved. This did not happen, for some reason 10 came to another project after years of carrying the whole of Istanbul.
The income from the 30 bin hectare area, which includes TOKI Istanbul, is around 135 billion dollars.
The earthquake tax collected since 2002 44 billion pounds.
It is obvious that the problem is not earthquakes, and the source of the earthquake is shown here. Because despite all these years and so many possibilities, no solution was tried.
When we look at the map, we see that the areas of urban transformation do not have much connection with risky areas. So the invisible, stored face of the reason is not the earthquake, but the financial return.
Yield is financial but lump sum.
Channel Istanbul is not a crazy project, but a catastrophic craze.
It's not really about the political parties.
This rent always flows into the mouth of every power, no matter who.
And the continuation of these ”madnesses. Is coming.
The important thing is…
Let us be aware and stand in the face of it.

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