Channel has started a wild expropriation process in Istanbul

The crazy expropriation process started in Kanal Istanbul: 'Crazy' project The expropriation process started in Kanal Istanbul; however, the price is 20 in 1 of what is expected. Regional residents will go to court.
Land ownership letters started to be sent from TOKİ to the landowners in the villages where the 3rd airport and Kanal Istanbul projects will be built. While the villagers made their expropriation decisions, the ones who saw the articles were shocked. Because expropriation costs are at least 20 / 1th of the expected amount.
Following the announcement of the airport and canal project, the land prices on the Black Sea coast, where the project will be built, land owners had wanted 450-500 pounds per square meter. According to information provided by a real estate agent in the region, 500 had not sold a pound, but the square meter of the last sold area 300 had found the buyer at a price close to the lira.
Square Meter 22-55 lira
Channel Istanbul and 3. as well as the new 'cities' planned in the region Yeniköy, Akpinar, Ağaçlı, Tayakadın and İhsaniye villages were sent from TOKİ about expropriation. In the article, 6 May 2013 was asked to go to TOKI for bargaining by reminding that the land was decided to be expropriated by the Prime Ministry. Some villagers went to TOKI. However, when they found out that their square meter 22 to 55 was valued, they turned down the offer.
'We came with exchange'
Most of the villages in the region were sent to the residents of Yenikoy. According to the information given by the headman Timur Çevik, about 250 citizens went to the call. No one accepted the offer. The villagers will seek their rights in the courts. Cevik said, “The land here is very important. People will be animals, land. Where and when will they live when they leave? Buradan
Kenan Koyuncu also retired and returned to his village, where he also said that peace had escaped.
The owner of a coffeehouse who does not want to give his name in Yeniköy said: sah The people here came from Greece with the exchange at 1923. Atatürk gave the land of this place to our grandfathers. We've planted it for years. Now we get them back from our hands. It's unfair. Bu
The main coffeehouses sohbet subject expropriation. People want to stay in their villages, not to be given a high price. However, they are also aware that they will not be able to hold on to that area in the long term. For this reason, they demand a fairer price to settle elsewhere. Elmas Gökkurt says they want to buy the land for cigarette money:
Bat They're screwing the peasant. The Prime Minister we trust is doing this to us. 15 has put the time in the day. X
Erem Koyuncu holding the paper in his hand, tutarak We went to TOKİ. They put a couple of young kids in jail. They're offering 20 liras to the meter. Is that something? These places are our grandparents. We will go to the Human Rights Court and fight. İnsan
'Are we going to buy cheap and expensive?'
Ali Genç, the headman of the village of Akpınar, says that there is no expropriation letter to his village:
. If they are going to offer a cheap price like in other villages, they should never. We're not against the airport, but they don't hurt people. We're not willing to accept it if they're going to buy us a penny and sell it at higher prices. We're peasants. They build modern settlements here with the airport, we can't live here anymore. The future of these places may be bright, but our future here is not bright. Bur
They said 30 first, then they went to 175.
The expropriation decisions were also sent to some businessmen who carried out mining activities in the region. Oruç Uzun, the owner of Ozon Madencilik, has an 9 landmark in the region. Uzun has escaped from his city life and built a house in Akpinar:
“I have a job site in the field. But I have a house. At the point where my land is located there is no airport and Canal Istanbul. TOKİ came and made a proposal. They said they're going to build buildings here. First they offered 30 liras. Later on, the figure went up to 175. I raised the cost of the increase and the cancellation. Why should I give my title property? 50 years, I want to live in a place where I find peace. I don't like city life, I love people, animals, plants. My land. 300-400 has tree. Fruit tree near 200. This is my deed. But we can't.

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