Wagons taken for Bursaray were not taken from the junkyard

The wagons purchased for Bursaray were not taken from the junkyard: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that there was no problem with 24 second-hand wagons to be used in Bursa city transportation and said, “These wagons were not taken from the scrap yard. All in working order. There is no problem. These wagons will be integrated into the new stations to be opened in the Kestel line ”.
December meeting of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality started under the chairmanship of Recep Altepe. Providing information about the works of the Metropolitan Municipality, Altepe said that Helitaxi meets an important need for the business world. Pointing to the end of the Bursa Airlines company, Altepe noted that the first flights will start in the first months of the New Year. Altepe said, “The company has nothing left. We are currently meeting with companies for aircraft. Planes of 50 and 100 people will be used. Since it will be a regional airline, decisions will be made about it. We aim to start the journeys in the first months of the new year. Firstly, we will make flights to domestic, then to neighboring countries and Europe. Bursa will get through this job without any problems. There are many trips to Istanbul and Ankara. People of Bursa can go anywhere by road and sea. With this project, the availability of airlines will increase ”.
İDO's Mudanya-Kabataş Stating that they will buy new wagons after the decision to withdraw from the line from the beginning of the year, Altepe said, “İDO officials made a request for a price increase with us. We did not look warm. We are not for profit. They also decided to withdraw from the beginning of the year. We will make only one expedition from Mudanya. These ones showed how right our investment was. We meet with İDO to buy the sea buses it takes on the Bursa line. If we agree, we can get the vehicles from IDO. If we can't get along, we can get it from other places, ”he said.
CHP Group SözcüResponding to Osman Ayradilli's question about scrap wagons, President Altepe drew attention to the fact that low-model wagons can work like new wagons and are very affordable. Altepe said, “These are the wagons bought from abroad. Why are we investing in the rail system? The best quality transport vehicle is the rail system vehicles. These are vehicles without exhaust. In addition, these rail system vehicles are very economical in fuel. Passengers can be transported at very low costs. In addition, the life of wheeled vehicles is 10 years today. You see, these rail system vehicles can be used for 50-60 years in Europe. In a few cities in Germany, 45-year-old vehicles are revised and brought back to transportation. Some wagons can even last 80 years. Why do we buy these vehicles? We built the subway lines. There is a line to Bursaray Kestel. On the other hand, you need a wagon. Currently 260 thousand passengers are transported. Now it will increase to 340 thousand. "These happen with big budgets," he said.
Noting that second-hand wagons are more advantageous than new ones, Altepe said, “Where are there advantageous goods, machines, we are investigating them all. We are investigating all municipalities in Turkey. This is a success. At this price and with an average age of 26, these wagons can work just as easily. These wagons were not taken from the junkyard. In working condition. They are wagons that are active and have a longer life than they work. The state makes its measurements. We are in contact with all municipalities in Europe. We know who has which ship and tram. These 24 wagons we bought are very long-lived. Its value is 0.6 wagon price. Almost half the wagon price. These are very cheap. If we say we sell, we can sell it for this money. These are in action. These can be purchased at very high prices. This is also a success, ”he said.
Altepe said that in the Kestel Stage of the Light Rail System, they aim to open 6 stops in January, and that the second-hand model wagons that are available will be integrated here.





    1. Halal, president, you should have a little tedium to understand your mentality, otherwise you will leave it on your own. These money are paid with the taxes of the nation, but who do I care that the price of 24 wagons is included in 1 new wagon ...