Sahin will reprint the future of transportation

Şahin will rewrite the transportation future of Bursa: "To the unanimous acceptance of the report of the Transportation Commission on Bursa Transportation Master Plan ..."
The future of urban transportation, which was reconsidered, was decided in the council of the Metropolitan Municipality.
The AK Party administration had brought forward with a motion that new tram lines should be included in the report.
The main opposition CHP, with its member in the commission said, “A decision cannot be taken with an extremely inadequate work. I refuse. " has an annotation, however…
Bursa Main Transportation Plan, in which it participated in the tram policy, was approved with the votes of CHP and MHP and became official.
In the event that Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe continues his duty, the new investment program will gain momentum.
Tram to the city Bursa!
It is envisaged that the Terminal Line, proposed by the Bursa Transportation Master Plan, will be designed to include Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone and Demirtaş.
With current steps la
The process is also underway to extend the line between Cumhuriyet Caddesi and İncirli to Siteler from İncirli.
It was decided from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report is not required for implementation.
The transportation company of the Metropolitan Municipality, BURULAŞ, is preparing to announce the construction tender.
As much as the tender can be done until the local elections, the groundbreaking ceremony is also the agenda.
The line in Incirli will be bi-directional with the additional line on the opposite side of the road. The two-way line to Siteler will also be passed in the middle of the road.
The new T1 line, which travels around the city center and its immediate surroundings, will be extended from the Stadium Junction to Çekirge.
From Gökedere to the cable car station in Teferrüç and from the area where the existing stadium is located, overhead line applications to Tophane and Kuştepe are also included in the integrity of the accepted decisions.
CHP's metropolitan candidate Necati Şahin criticized the transportation policy of the Metropolitan Municipality and especially the tram application during his presidency of the Chamber of Civil Engineers.
Şahin said, “It is discussed scientifically for the Bursa Transportation Master Plan, which is decided by the votes of the government and the opposition. With the new decision, the Bursa Transportation Master Plan, in which the tramway method and lines were also attached, was diluted together with the motions. " says.
He emphasized that if he is elected to the task, the Bursa Transportation Master Plan will be reconsidered scientifically and revised.
He also criticized the tram policy and roadmap.
He emphasized that Bursa needs complete solutions. An example of Istanbul with its metro and tunnel roads

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